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Update on Brew – If You’re In the Houston Area

A while back, I posted a blog post about a dog my daughter and her friend found outside and took to the pound. You can read that here, if you’re interested. The reason for this blog post is to update you all on Brew and to put out a special request.

First, let me tell you a little about Brew.

The animal shelter was able to get contact with the original owners, Brew’s family, and sadly, they decided they did not want him. They were even told he was going to be killed if they didn’t come and get him, and they chose not to come and get him. I do not understand this mentality at all. Remember, Pets are Not Disposable!

So we rescued Brew. We picked him up from the pound the day he was available to be released. He has been neutered. He’s had all his shots. He is two years old, weighs about 40-45 pounds, and is a light grey with brownish swirls. He is a lab/chow mix. He has purple markings on his tongue, kind of marbleized, and he has chow-chow eyes. He has a lab face, mostly a lab’s body, but his hair has some places that are thicker, more like the chow-chow. He is not, however, a chow-chow. He is more lab in appearance.

He is super duper sweet. I mean, he doesn’t really bark, he doesn’t howl outside. He’s completely potty trained, hasn’t marked or missed a single time. He comes in and out of the house. He asks permission to get on furniture. He is super gentle when taking treats from your hand. He likes to lay his head in your lap. He loves to be petted, but he’s not pushy about it. He’s calm when people knock on the door or ring the bell, and he’s awesome with strangers. He is gentle and careful with the cat and he seems fascinated by the little dog Scruffy (who only weighs five pounds.)

He’s about as sweet as a dog can be.

Until my Jake walks in the room….

Then he gets vicious...

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