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Book Review: Force of Habit, by Cash Peters

After seeing the cover for Force of Habit, by Cash Peters, I was expecting something of an action-adventure comedy. After all, with a masculine-looking nun on the cover with a habit and a black eye and crooked smile, what else could I have thought?

The author has called this book a thriller, and I have to respectfully disagree with him. I love a good thriller, but this book really isn’t a thriller. If I had to classify the genre, I’d say it’s more an action-adventure mystery. While there are some humorous moments, witty places, the book itself really wasn’t as funny as I had expected it to be.

Force of Habit starts with action and it ends with unresolved questions. That bothers me a bit, as a book, even if part of a series or an ongoing character series, should really stand alone. This one does tell a complete story, I just don’t feel it tied up all the loose ends well and tried too hard to make this a ‘beginning’ of something instead of a stand-alone book.


As for the gra...

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