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What If?

Since becoming a writer, many have asked me the source of my inspiration, what it is that compels me to write. The answer is always different, depending on my mood, what’s foremost in my mind that day, or what is currently inspiring me. Though the answers are almost always different, they are all true. If I had to pin point the reason I write to just one thing, just one impetus that moves my fingers, I’d have to say it’s the ‘what ifs’.

When I was a child, what ifs got me into trouble with daddy. He would tell me to do something a certain way, and I’d asked, “What if I did it this way instead?”

I mean, I didn’t think it; I would actually ask...

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Love Cannot Be Defined

I believe that love cannot be defined. I believe that there is no one out there in the world who is completely straight or completely gay, that there are varying degrees of attraction. There have to be, because without attraction, we would not be able to be friends with members of the same gender. Something about them ‘attracts’ us to them, and that attraction is important in basing the bond of the relationship–friendship is intimate, even if it’s not sexual. Sex is nothing but a physical thing and it requires absolutely no love or attraction for it to happen. Friendship, partnerships, marriages–those things require attraction. Sex is just sex. So no one is 100% on either side of the scale, or else no one could ever have friends or love or care about someone who was the same gender.

I do n...

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Downward Slide, Hopping on One Foot

The rays of the sun reflected off the lake surface, in shimmering, brilliant strands. The group of girls stood near the pond, changing into swim clothing after the long hike and horse ride down the path through the woods.

The lake was not swimmable, for the water was too murky, too dirty. Not from pollution though, just a natural murky, mud filled lake-hole. While the sun shone brightly on it, and the reflection of the surrounding trees was gorgeous, the water itself stank of fish and dirt and sludge.

However, just a few feet from the lake was a gorgeous natural hot-water spring. The girls from the scout troop were preparing to soak their tired, wearied bodies in the hot springs.

Each girl slipped in, one by one, to the warmth of the crystal clear water...

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It is All in How You Look at It

This past year, with my health issues, I’ve been through a lot. Sometimes, I don’t give myself credit for how much I’ve been through, because I’m so focused on getting better, feeling better, staying alive. Every now and then, something will happen, and it’s usually some little something, and I’ll be reminded of just how bad things really were, and sometimes, perhaps, still are. This isn’t a negative post. Stick with me here. See, I guess I don’t usually see things as being as bad as they are. Part of this is my positive attitude (though admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to stay positive), and part of this is because, when you’re going through something, you just keep going through it. There’s really no other choice besides death, and I just simply don’t consider that an option...

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I’m Not THAT Michelle Devon

For the longest time, my pen name, Michelle Devon, which is my real first name and my son’s middle name as my last name, which is now a legal name for me, was distinct enough, I never ran into anyone else with this name. I got the name Devon from an episode of Dragnet. My son’s name originally was going to be Aleck Brent. Back on July 29th, 1994, I started to have contractions that morning. It was a Friday and I had a doctor’s appointment. He asked me how I was doing and I said, “I’d be fine if these contractions would just stop.”

The doctor laughed and said, “No, what we want to do is string them closer together…”

I said, “That might be what YOU want me to do, but I never said it was what *I* wanted to do.”

He laughed; I didn’t. Ha ha...

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Author Interview: Jennifer Walker, Author of Bubba Goes National & Bubba to the Rescue

Author Interview with Jennifer Walker

Tell us about your book/s.

Jennifer Walker: Bubba to the Rescue is the second in my Green Meadow Series, and although it is a continuation of the story from Bubba Goes National, it is a stand-alone story and they can be read out of order.

What starts out as a leisurely trail ride turns into a terrifying afternoon when Alex and Leslie see a plume of smoke rising in the trees. After saving the neighbor’s horses from a horrible fate, the two teens must run through the burning woods and get back to Green Meadow before it’s too late. On the way, they encounter a strange horse wandering through the woods by itself, and it follows them home...

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