Daily Archives May 3, 2012

Yes, We Dance

(*Originally written in 2006. Well worth revisiting this one.)

The dance was nice. The music was great, but a little loud. It was very hot on the dance floor, but we found a personal wind tunnel near the entrance where we sat to cool us down.

And there on the dance floor was this early to mid-20s woman, wearing jeans and a white shirt, with what appeared to be her husband and two children.

They were dancing together as a family. At one point, she even got on her knees to dance with her less than three-year-old son while dad swung the daughter around and around.

I watched, entranced by the love and fun in this little family unit. They made me smile, filled my heart with joy.

Then, while I was sitting at this table watching them, this song comes on, this Natural Woman song.

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