Sports, Rituals, and Food–Oh, My!

I marvel at modern sports… I mean, some sports I understand, such as running and some other things that are meant to test human endurance and strength. I mean, sure, I sorta get it.

But basketball… and football…. I mean, who thought up the concept of sports like this?

If you really think about it, I mean, REALLY think about it, a bunch of overgrown men running around in spandex pants so tight you can see every flaw, wearing padding to make them look bigger and protect themselves, all running around chasing a little ball and piling on top of other men…

… there’s something pretty Freudian about it all.

If I were a macho man, I’m not sure I’d enjoy being on the bottom of a pile of other men, yanno?



Okay, now all the footballers out there (yes, footballers IS a real word), you’re probably going to roll your eyes at me, right?

Come on, there’s something pretty sexual about football, sheesh.

Then again, I can make just about anything sexual.

I heard a rumor that basketballs used to have laces on them. When the guys bounced the ball, with laces, how did they control it? You know, if it landed on laces, wouldn’t it bounce all crooked? Maybe that added to the challenge?

Plus, basketball – men trying to put balls in a hole. Golf, much of the same.

Uh huh, nothing at all sexual about that.

Maybe I’m just horny? (shaking head)

Anyhoo, I really don’t have a point to make. As you all know, that has never stopped me from blogging before. Especially when it’s about sex.

Or apparently, today, sports.

Speaking of sports, in an indirect way, you all know my tag signature, “Love and Stuff”?

Well, I’ve been asked where that came from. Today, I’ll tell you?


When I was a teenager I read a book that talked about a girl, around 16 or 17, who had read something somewhere (see, I remember it well, don’t I?) and what she read was, “Love and other indoor sports..”

I like indoor sports.

Yet, I figured… well, let’s just say that ‘indoor sports’ left too much to the imagination for one particular forum board I used to participate in, and they told me I had to change it. Being the person that I am, I want to follow the rules. Also being the person that I am, I had to make a point too. So thus my tag was changed to “love and stuff”… and if you can’t figure out what the ‘stuff’ is, just use your imagination.

Sometimes our imagination is much worse (or better) than anything that the truth might tell us, and I think that’s what I meant when I posted it on the forum I was on: If you can’t handle a little indoor sports, go ahead and try to get me with ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ could be anything. Indoor sports is a little more, uhm, limited. Maybe I meant basketball. Who knows.

For example, my imagination runs away with me when I think about what is going on during a football huddle, or imagine exactly WHY that guy with the tight end just whacked the tight end on his tight end.

Love and stuff,

PS: Stuff is known to the State of California to cause cancer.

PPS: I know the title said food and I didn’t mention food in my blog post. Consider that part of the ‘stuff’.

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