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Book Review: A Cat’s Tale, by Melissa Snark

A Saucy Read–I just love that word ‘saucy’, and I so seldom get to use it, but for this book, this review, that word just fits. Josephine the cat is just saucy. She’s sexy and saucy, and I loved her in this book, A Cat’s Tale, by Melissa Snark.


This was a hard one to determine a star rating for, because I can’t quite give it a full five stars for overall story, plot and writing (in general). I’m used to reading suspense and thrillers, with intricate plots that just leave me amazed or feeling defeated, and erotic and romance are not my usual genres. When I compare this book to those really good thrillers, I can’t quite give it five stars. BUT… for the genre it’s in, it’s a five-star book all the way. I mean, I’ve read some really bad erotica, some really lousy and formulaic romance, and this book is neither. I do enjoy a good story, regardless of genre, and that’s what makes A Cat’s Tale a good read: it tells a good story. But then, add to that the saucy erotic and intimate nature of the relationship between our two lead characters, and you have a hot erotic love story, with an actual plot!

So I figured that alone warranted a higher star rating...

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We All Bear Scars

The other day, I was washing the coffee pot in the kitchen. The top of the lid was white and it was stained a bit, so I took it off, turned it sideways, and was going to put it inside the carafe so I could fill lit with bleach and let it soak. I’ve done this dozens of times. For whatever reason, this time, the lid caught the side of the glass, and when I pushed down, it cracked the glass itself and, in part because I’m in the wheelchair at the sink, the angle at which I am doing this is changed some from standing, and my hand came down sideways on the broken glass. I have four cuts, not too deep but enough they hurt when I brush against them, one small puncture wound on the side of the hand, and then a large, deep laceration on the tip of my pointer finger.

It’s really bad. I should have had stitches or at least gotten it butterflied. You can, three days later, still see the bubbly flesh under it, the fatty tissue. It’s healing, but it’s not sealed yet. It’s bruised. I’m on blood thinners, so it took a bit to get it to stop bleeding, but when it did, it left it quite bruised and now it’s several shades of colors. It’s swollen. Worst of all, I manage to keep hitting it on things over and over and it freaking hurts.


Like, I’m taking Lortab 10s, along with a couple...

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Author Interview & Short Review: Quincy Moves to the Desert, by Camille Matthews

You have to see this book to believe how absolutely gorgeous it is. I received a free copy of it in order to provide a review, which is forthcoming, but if I’d known how gorgeous the drawings and paintings inside were, I would have picked it up myself. The illustrations are in full color and are stunning. Every page is colorful and gorgeous.
This book is a hard cover, and it looks and feels expensive and rich, and it will make a fantastic gift to any reader who loves horses–regardless of age–but for children who love bright pictures and drawings all the way to children old enough to read themselves, this book is simply a beautiful choice.
Now, let’s focus on the author:

Author’s Mini Bio: Camille Matthews

Probably the most important thing for anyone to know about me is how much I l...
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You CAN Make a Living Writing

See the PS for an explanation of this image. For now, just think about it while reading.

When I was a kid, I was a daydreamer. I could sit and stare out a window and make up a story while everything else in the world went on in real life around me. I could get lost in the fantasy that was as real to me as anything going on outside the fantasy. The people I created were real to me. It was the same with books I read too. The characters were friends, people I liked or hated, enemies I feared. When at school during the day, I thought of them. I wondered at what they were doing when I was stuck in class with nothing to do. I was a good student, but a bored one. I loved school in general, but hated it too, for very different reasons.


Anyway, my mother used to tell me that I would...

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Busy Bee and Some New Novellas

There they are, all in one place, if you want to buy them. I really would love to recommend CELESTE, and THREE, because they are great novellas. The others are little shorts you might enjoy that I wrote about seven or eight years ago… if you get a chance, grab your copy, please!


I’ll be back with a great blog soon… right now, we’re getting ready to send Elements of Life off to the printer, so it’s busy, busy editing time!


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Doing Some Thinking

A few months ago, I ventured into the forums on a Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) website. My first foray into the support group there brought me to a thread about a woman with severe and advanced PAH. She was on an IV pump, and the medication that’s used in that pump has a half life of about a minute or so, so coming off that medication can often mean death. It’s such a required part of her life, that if the IV has warnings on it for paramedics letting them know NOT to remove that IV and to start a new one before removing that one. There’s like a 2 minute window to get back on these meds. This woman had lived like this for years, and I came in to the forum at a time that she had just made the decision, with the help of her pastor and her husband and family, to stop her medication. Though no one said the words, basically, she was telling everyone she was ready to die.

I was newly diagn...

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Are You an Author?

I don’t usually do this on my personal blog, but I am so pleased with her services and I know many of my author friends are doing indie publishing or self publishing shorts or novellas and they need to look professional, so really, this is a public author service announcement!

You know that one of the biggest complaints about the indie publishing revolution right now is that people aren’t doing it professionally: Authors are slapping up stories without getting them professionally edited, professionally formatted and without professional book covers on them. When publishers pay folks to do these things, and often have a team of editors and artists on your book cover and interior, why would you possibly think you could compete with the publishers if you don’t do the same professional work–or even better?

This cover is up for an...

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Kindle Reporting for Poor Quality – Finally!

Well, I noticed it the other day, but didn’t say anything publicly besides a passing comment on my Facebook, but it’s time to say something publicly about it for those who don’t know. One of the things we authors who try our hardest to do things right have been complaining about with the digital ebook revolution going on around us is that anyone and everyone can put up a book or a short story on, with no policing for quality, no gatekeepers anymore, so there’s no vetting, no editing, no formatting required. That means those who take the time to do it right are lost in the ocean and lumped in together with those who don’t, giving a bad name to all indie publishing authors.

But there’s something we can do about it now. And it’s worth it.

Below every Kindle book, if you scroll down, down, down, you’ll see a place that says: Feedback. It looks like this:

Do you see that part that says: “Would you lik...

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Short-Story Review: The Leprechaun Chronicles, by Nancy Smith Gibson

The Leprechaun Chronicles are short stories all told in the same universe with the same main character. So far, the author, Nancy Smith Gibson, has published two stories in this universe. Below are my reviews of the first two stories, and I will update this post or add new ones as new stories are released and I read them.

The Leprechaun Chronicles, by Nancy Smith Gibson
A review, by Michelle Devon
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