Short-Story Review: The Leprechaun Chronicles, by Nancy Smith Gibson

The Leprechaun Chronicles are short stories all told in the same universe with the same main character. So far, the author, Nancy Smith Gibson, has published two stories in this universe. Below are my reviews of the first two stories, and I will update this post or add new ones as new stories are released and I read them.

The Leprechaun Chronicles, by Nancy Smith Gibson
A review, by Michelle Devon

Story #1: Mavis and the Leprechaun

In this short story by Nancy Smith Gibson, we are introduced to Berry, a leprechaun–perhaps the only one left, or at least, one of the very few left. We learn that leprechaun’s have a lot of myth surrounding them, and Berry sets us straight (ahem) so to speak, on what a leprechaun really is. This short story stands alone as a cute tale, spun as a feel-good short about changing your attitude and thus changing your life. Berry meets Mavis, a single woman whose life is a little disorganized. When she ‘wins’ him in a raffle, he visits her house, takes her by surprise, and then helps her sort out everything chaotic in her life. In the meantime, Mavis learns some things about her life she had been missing before, in particular about herself, but also about the man she had been dating. With Berry’s help, she manages to make some good decisions and move in a more positive direction.

But alas, Berry can’t stay in one place forever, so when his work is done, he shares a bit about his personal life with Mavis, and then he asks her to help him move on. After all, a leprechaun is lucky, and there are others who need his help rearranging their lives too.

That’s where this story obviously opens itself up for sequels, and the author already has another installment out. Mavis & the Leprechaun is really a cute story, with several chuckle-out-loud moments. It’s light, breezy and humorous, not intended to be a serious fantasy read or anything of that nature. Just a fun story for a quick read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like Berry and I do look forward to reading future installments about him and learning more about his past that is hinted at in this story.

Story #2: Kelly&Mom

Kelly&Mom is a great second entry in The Leprechaun Chronicles, by Nancy Smith Gibson. While I must admit I liked the first story much better than this one, I still enjoyed it very much. Each story stands alone, completely, but you get a bigger picture and more character background information to Berry, the lead character and the leprechaun. While some might consider a story like this ‘fantasy’, Berry is shared with us in such a way that you can almost believe this story is true, and perhaps, just perhaps, believe in a little bit of leprechaun magic too.

The downside, and why I didn’t like this story quite as much as the first, was actually because I wanted to learn more about Berry, and our author focused more on Kelly&Mom, which is fine, since that’s what the story is about. It’s just that in the first story, THE LEPRECHAUN CHRONICLES: #1 Mavis and the Leprechaun, we learned a little bit (won’t give any spoilers as to what we learned for people who haven’t read it yet!) about Berry, some personal things about him, but we were kept in a little bit of mystery, since Berry is mostly private about where he comes from and where he goes after sundown (he always disappears *poof* when the sun goes down!) So here’s hoping in the next installment, we learn more about Berry and his history along with the new story.

The premise for The Leprechaun Chronicles is that Berry is a leprechaun, and through a type of curse or a punishment of sorts, he has to be ‘won’ or ‘earned’ by someone, and he is fated to help them get their lives organized. In the first story, he was won in a raffle and in the second story, he was won on eBay in an auction. We learn at the end of this story how he is ‘won’ by the next person, and though it ties things up nicely, I do find myself curious about what happens next in the next installment.

In Kelly&Mom, Kelly is a young girl who has lost her father in a car accident, the same one that has left her in need of physical therapy and using a wheelchair. Mom has changed how she lives her life, how she works, everything, to be there for Kelly and help her through this difficult time, but Kelly seems to have given up on life in general. With a lot of literal kicking and screaming, Berry comes into their lives and shakes things up. He helps them believe in magic, believe in a little fantasy, and get their lives straightened out–in many ways. I won’t spoil the ending or the things Berry does, but let’s just say everything falls into place nicely in the end, even if there are a few bumps in the road. That happy ending makes this an easy, fun read, that you can do in a quick lunch break or while riding a bus or subway, to have a short reality break.

I almost want to go to eBay and see if I can’t bid on a leprechaun myself!

I’m definitely looking forward to future installments of this series, and I hope the author keeps making them feel complete and whole stories, that stand alone, but she will also give us more information about Berry and where he comes from and how things got the way they are for him. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this at all, and for the price, it’s well worth it in entertainment value.


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