Daily Archives June 4, 2012

Kindle Reporting for Poor Quality – Finally!

Well, I noticed it the other day, but didn’t say anything publicly besides a passing comment on my Facebook, but it’s time to say something publicly about it for those who don’t know. One of the things we authors who try our hardest to do things right have been complaining about with the digital ebook revolution going on around us is that anyone and everyone can put up a book or a short story on Amazon.com, with no policing for quality, no gatekeepers anymore, so there’s no vetting, no editing, no formatting required. That means those who take the time to do it right are lost in the ocean and lumped in together with those who don’t, giving a bad name to all indie publishing authors.

But there’s something we can do about it now. And it’s worth it.

Below every Kindle book, if you scroll down, down, down, you’ll see a place that says: Feedback. It looks like this:

Do you see that part that says: “Would you lik...

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