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You CAN Make a Living Writing

See the PS for an explanation of this image. For now, just think about it while reading.

When I was a kid, I was a daydreamer. I could sit and stare out a window and make up a story while everything else in the world went on in real life around me. I could get lost in the fantasy that was as real to me as anything going on outside the fantasy. The people I created were real to me. It was the same with books I read too. The characters were friends, people I liked or hated, enemies I feared. When at school during the day, I thought of them. I wondered at what they were doing when I was stuck in class with nothing to do. I was a good student, but a bored one. I loved school in general, but hated it too, for very different reasons.


Anyway, my mother used to tell me that I would...

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