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Book Review: A Cat’s Tale, by Melissa Snark

A Saucy Read–I just love that word ‘saucy’, and I so seldom get to use it, but for this book, this review, that word just fits. Josephine the cat is just saucy. She’s sexy and saucy, and I loved her in this book, A Cat’s Tale, by Melissa Snark.


This was a hard one to determine a star rating for, because I can’t quite give it a full five stars for overall story, plot and writing (in general). I’m used to reading suspense and thrillers, with intricate plots that just leave me amazed or feeling defeated, and erotic and romance are not my usual genres. When I compare this book to those really good thrillers, I can’t quite give it five stars. BUT… for the genre it’s in, it’s a five-star book all the way. I mean, I’ve read some really bad erotica, some really lousy and formulaic romance, and this book is neither. I do enjoy a good story, regardless of genre, and that’s what makes A Cat’s Tale a good read: it tells a good story. But then, add to that the saucy erotic and intimate nature of the relationship between our two lead characters, and you have a hot erotic love story, with an actual plot!

So I figured that alone warranted a higher star rating...

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