Daily Archives July 11, 2012

You’re FIRED: Empowerment

So I did something last night that felt pretty good. It was one of those things where you sit at the computer screen, compose a message, and then let your finger hover over the send button for minutes, perhaps hours, reading, re-reading, debating, editing, changing, second-guessing, and then… finally, you decide: What the hell…. and you send it. Well, I did that last night.

I logged into the online chart system that my doctor’s offices with UTMB uses to get appointments, cancel appointments, view test results, etc., and I cancelled my follow-up appointment with the “Dear Doctor” I wrote about in this blog post. Keeping in mind that I only have 500 characters to work with, this is what I wrote in my request to cancel that appointment:

“I have decided to seek anoth...

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