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All Sorts of Falling


So the other day I had to go to the doctor. Yeah, I know, nothing new for me, right? Well, while I was there, we went through the regular questions… every time I go to the doc, no matter which specialist I’m going to see, they always do the same basic measurements and ask the same basic questions: weight, height, temperature, heart rate and pulse ox–then the questions: Are you in any pain today? Rate your level of pain from 1-10, with one being the least and 10 being the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Where is your pain? What medication are you taking? Why are you here today? And lastly, have you fallen any time within the past year.

Unfortunately, I have to answer yes to that. I’ve actually fallen three times in the past year, one time badly enough to require going in for x-rays–fortunately, nothing was broken. So I tell her I’ve fallen, and she says okay, and then she finishes stuff in the computer, asks a few more questions, leaves the room and we wait for 17 minutes alone. Then, the doctor comes in and we were talking to the doctor, and now, about 20 minutes after the nurse left, she comes back in and says she has to put a yellow ‘fall risk’ bracelet on me.

Now, wait a minute… 1) I’m in a wheelchair...

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Celeste is Free This Weekend!

All weekend long, my novella, CELESTE, by Michelle Devon, is free! Amazon.com has listed it for free for the entire weekend, and I’m very excited to see I’ve already reached a couple of their best sellers lists. For example, I made it to #4 in best selling short fiction and #11 in thrillers/suspense. I made it to #304 overall too, but that’s not quite high enough and I’m already dropping this morning!

If you enjoy shorter reads, this one about 55 pages long, that will keep you guessing until the end, then please consider picking up my novella today! Share the links to it with your friends and have them pick up a copy too, and if you feel so compelled, I would love an honest review of my work too.

Thanks for everyone who helped me get to this point! Ya’ll rock!

Love and stuff,

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