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Saving Face, Literally

I’ve spent the last week of my life living in a tiny room, smaller than the storage unit I rent to store old furniture in. It’s awkward shaped, small and cramped, jammed with a bad and a reclining chair, a small table, a built-in writing desk surface and shelves in a wall, and a huge door, big enough to push the hospital bed through. the bathroom is about 1/10th of the size of ours back home, and the shower is so small, a big burly guy wouldn’t even be able to turn around in there.

The toilet is really low to the ground, making standing up from it hard, and every time I sit down, I lean back too far and hit my head against the metal pipes behind it. The room is tidy but it’s not really even super clean, with water stains on the bed lighting above my head, and what appears to be liquid drips on the door that somehow never get cleaned.

They feed me, three tim...

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Virtual Fun, Drinking Fun and a Blow Fish

So far, I’ve finished about half of my book tour with Walker Author Tours. I’ve been having a lot of fun. Today, Cindy Gunnin posted a review of Celeste that made my day. I also got an interview posted by Mary Beth Magee, which is really quite… I don’t know. It made me feel… well, like she was talking about someone else. I guess I don’t really see myself the way others see me. I know I’m a survivor. I know I fight and struggle and keep on going, but I just don’t see myself in the same light as this interview made me feel. I read it and thought, “Man, I’d like to meet that person.”

Isn’t it strange how we do that to ourselves? I dunno… being an author, I’ve long known that people would talk about me (and my stories) who didn’t know me. I accepted that it wouldn’t all be roses, and it hasn’t been. I’ve been slammed–both as an author and as a person–and for some reason, that’s always easier to take than when they say the nice things. I really suck at taking a compliment, but I’ve gotten better than in my past. In my past, I would argue with people who said nice things about me. Now, I simply accept it and smile and gratiously (I hope) accept the compliment.

I learned a while back that I can also say, “I’m very glad you think so…” and be telling the truth! Ha! But it is true. I AM glad someone thinks so, even if I cannot always feel the same.

Please stop by both those links and leave comments for the bloggers. They are awesome for doing what they do for authors with little to no compensation for themselves. They deserve comment love, at the very least.

I’ve also put up a very short excerpt of ABDUCTED on Lilah Harding’s blog here. I am really looking forward to releasing this one...

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Michelle Devon and Celeste Take a Virtual Book Tour with Walker Author Tours

Author Michelle Devon will participate in a three-week book blog tour presented by Walker Author Tours for her new novella, Celeste.

Folsom, USA – Walker Author Tours continues to bring authors to the attention of readers everywhere via virtual book tours. Now they present a three-week-long online book blog tour for Michelle Devon’s suspenseful novella, Celeste. This book tour includes stops at various book blogs all over the internet where readers will find reviews, author interviews, and blog posts by the author. Virtual book tours are a convenient and entertaining way to discover the latest books and learn about authors.

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