Daily Archives September 23, 2012

Fated Family–Not My Usual Style

So today, Fate Family is up on Amazon, and it’s already jumped up into the 20k range on sales. I’d like to see it go higher–I know it can go higher–but I have to get the word out that it’s available–so here you go: it’s available! This one isn’t like my other novellas… though the people who helped me edit it, all four of them said it was my voice, that they could clearly hear my voice in it, and they all were left with a feel-good moment about humanity. Hey, now that’s a good thing for a novella to do.

Derek Odom proofread the story for me, and this is one that, admittedly, a man like him probably wouldn’t have picked up on his own, but he admitted to me that the ending had him grinning from ear to ear...

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