Daily Archives October 9, 2012

Does it REALLY Matter to You? It Does to Me!

Just a little thought today: I sort of live in a wheelchair outside of the house. It’s taught me to look at things differently. Today, I asked Lynn to change parking spots, because there were two handicapped parking spots available, but only one was van accessible. I don’t use a van lift, so I asked her to park in the other one, so just in case someone with a van needed it, it was open. Yet, I see people all the time, without the parking stickers or placards zip into handicapped parking spots.

Another thing, since the breathing from the PH has hit, it physically hurts my chest to be around folks who are smoking–so when I go to the doctor, there’s often someone outside taking in a few puffs–that’s fine, if you smoke, but please, consider not doing it so close to the entrance of a building (some states have laws about that)–especially a doctor’s office. Smoke from cigarettes can flare problems for people like me, bad problems, so I have to sit in the car and wait until they move and finish their cigarette. Asthmatics, COPDers, babies, and more are affected by it–please, walk a few more steps to your car to smoke–your inconvenience is less than someone being physically assaulted–I know you would never intend to do that, but that is what it’s like.

Today, at lunch, I could not get my wheelchair into the bathroom, becau...

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