How to Fix Stuff

If you have a broken toaster and you clean it up, move it to the kitchen table, get out all your tools, and prepare to work on it, then accidentally drop it on the floor, plug it in and it works, do you get to take credit for having fixed it?

When I had an old desktop computer that was going bad, I would run it through all the normal paces, shut down, reboot, check my connections, whatever else I should do, and when all else failed, I’d kick it. Quite frequently, this worked. The technical term for this in the geek set is: percussive maintenance.

Why do you think people kick the tires on a car before they buy it? I mean, there’s no other purpose for kicking the tires. You can’t tell air pressure by kicking them. Obviously, it’s percussive car maintenance to kick the tires.

It doesn’t, however, work with people. I know, I’ve tried. No matter how many times you kick a person, they stay broken.

And who amongst us hasn’t gone to the store, bought that expensive ‘only four payments of $69.99’ screwdriver set, only to need a screwdriver, and you grab the butter knife from the kitchen drawer instead? Actually, Ryan doesn’t do that. He actually goes out to the garage, gets the right tool, fixes something, then, get this–blows me away–he actually goes back out to the garage and puts that tool right back where he got it from. Can you believe that?

What fun is life if you always know where your screwdriver is?

Plus, isn’t a home repair more exciting when you can do it yourself? I mean, a REAL man doesn’t need an allen wrench. He can use his teeth! (but don’t let my son see you do that–he’s tough on his teeth.)

I have repaired things with the heel of a shoe, the bottom of thick glass candle makes a great hammer, sponges work as paintbrushes in a pinch, and butter knives are the absolutely best tool known to man. They suck for doing anything at the dinner table, but man, the household chores a small butter knife can aid with, amazing!

Don’t tell my kids this one, but teeth are a pretty good built-in bottle opener, and fingernails are awesome natural tweezers. Feet make an excellent ruler for measuring length.

What do you do to ‘fix stuff’ the right way?

Love and stuff,



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  • Jesse  says:

    I used some plastic coated wire leftover from a friends wedding to fix a leak on the gas tank of my 2007 Chevy Suburban. Nothing like a little MacGyver to get the job done right. Oh and I also saved at least $600, which is what the dealership wanted just to drop the tank from the vehicle. Great Post! Thanks!

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