Daily Archives November 17, 2012

A Discussion on Racism?

Night before last, while I was sleeping (pain pills knock me out but good), I received an email from someone who had read one of my author interviews on my blogger blog. He thanked me for interviewing a black author, saying that it was about time black authors were getting noticed.

Well, the email sort of blew me away. Never would I have considered NOT interviewing a black author. But when I responded to him and told him so, he said I would be surprised at how difficult it is for black authors to get the same exposure.

Interesting. Sad if it’s true too. A good writer is a good writer, and race or ethnicity just shouldn’t matter if the writing is good.

Another man I know, a very successful internet marketer, is a black man who will not put his picture up on his websites, because he believes...

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