Daily Archives November 23, 2012

Classic Michy: A Bug in the Tub REDUX

(This post was originally written in 2006–thought I’d share it again, because it’s sort of appropriate today too!)


Today, I was sleepy, just woke from an afternoon nap, and had to pee… I go into the bathroom, and while in there, doing my thing, I notice there is a big black bug with long feelers on his head just wandering around in the bathtub, toward the back.

With nothing better to do, I lean over and turn on the water and pull the thingy to start the shower. The water from the shower comes out and hits him and he scampers, trying to crawl up the back of the tub. His feet (and don’t ask me why I assume he’s a he, but with bugs, unless I see babies crawling out of them, I always assume they are male – think there’s a reason for that?)

I’m digressing.

So, his feet were scrambling...

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