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Wienermobile Visits Houston This Week for Fiesta Posadas

I’m accustomed to getting press releases of all sorts for publication on my blogs, and I don’t often accept them, unless they are truly writing or book related, and then they usually go on Texas Straight-Talk Reviews blog instead. But this press release just tickeled me so much I had to share it. Maybe it’s because I’m a kid at heart, maybe it’s because I’ve never seen the Wienermobile in person (I lived in a small town, so as a kid, it wouldn’t have come to my area), or maybe because I have a friend who, when he was in college, drove the Wienermobile too. (Did you know spell check wants to turn Wienermobile into snowmobile? No, spell check, not the same thing).

Anyway, I’d love to see this ride in Houston this week, wouldn’t you?

How cool looking is that? I mean, seriously–that is o...

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Noor is the best Thoroughbred no one remembers.He was owned by Charles S. Howard, who is most famous as Seabiscuit’s owner, but in 1950, Noor was as good as any horse, anywhere.He defeated Citation four times in California that year, set three world records in the process, and would have been Horse of the Year if the voting had taken place after the Hollywood Gold Cup rather than before the race.
Noor died after a mediocre career at stud, and he was buried in an unmarked grave on a Northern California farm.No one gave the horse another thought until a few years ago, when commercial development threatened the farm.
An avid race fan named Charlotte Farmer wanted Noor’s memory preserved, and she spearheaded a campaign to locate the horse’s grave, exhume the remains, and ship them to Kentucky for reburial.Noor now lies at Old Friends, a Thoroughbred retirement farm a few miles from my house. Noor: A Champion Thoroughbred’s Unlikely Journey from California to Kentucky is Noor’s story, and Charlotte’s.
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