Daily Archives December 14, 2012

Too Scared to Go Outside!

Shame on every single reporter who interviewed a child today at the horrific scene of this school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Shame on every reporter who interviewed a parent waiting outside who didn’t know if their child was alive or dead or missing. Shame on the media. Ratings mean nothing when lives are at stake. Shame on the media.

On a personal note for me: How do you ever go outside again? I mean, kids slaughtered. Movie-goers mowed down like they don’t even exist. Shoppers at a mall going for Christmas presents taken out. Throw in drunk driving, drugged driving, texting and talking while driving, road rage, rage in general, and and and… it just keeps coming and coming and it shows no signs of slowing down.

How do you even walk outside of your house without that little somethi...

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All Ya Gotta do is Dream, Dream, Dream

I was not feeling well last night, so I took my meds and fell asleep around 8pm. They woke me up at 10 to take my meds and I fell back to sleep. They woke me up again at midnight to take my other meds, and I fell right back to sleep and then I slept straight through until 7 this morning, when it was time to take still more meds.

I think I was tired.

I know I’m sick of taking meds! Had some at 7, 8 and again at 10 this morning (coming up soon!), then at noon, then at 1, then at 4, then again at 10 and midnight and we start all over again… blech.

Last night though, around midnight when I was drifting back to sleep, I came upon this idea for a blog post I wanted to write to you guys.

It was a perfect idea.

I remember ...

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