A Blog About Ice?

Yes, a blog about ice, of all things…

Sometimes I think my mind dwells on the strangest of things. No, not sometimes. All the time. I think I’m… no, I know I’m crazy. I’m definitely not nermal.

Anyway, I was thinking about ice, and how ice is one of those things that is a man-made item that is us trying to control the elements. We learned how to intentionally make fire, and we learned how to intentionally make ice.

Think about the diverse uses for ice.When you injure yourself, you can put ice on it to slow the swelling and reduce pain. When in labor or after a surgery, they give you ice chips to suck on when your stomach can’t handle food yet to keep you hydrated. Ice makes your drinks cold. Ice preserves things and keeps them from spoiling. Ice makes your enemies (and you if you’re not careful) slip and fall just so you can laugh and laugh and laugh.

When I drink a soda from the fountain, I like the crushed ice or the small pellets of ice, but when I drink iced tea, I prefer the round ice with the holes in the middle of it.

I love shaved ice snow cones over the pellet ice snow cones. I love shaved ice slushies too.

During the summer, my later cocker spaniel Dani used to love to lick on ice cubes that I made in the fridge with city water. I think she liked that they were cool and a bit salty. Trust me, you don’t want to drink Odessa’s city water unless you are a dog. Nasty stuff that was. So glad I don’t have to cook and fix stuff with that hard, nasty water any more. The water here on the Gulf Coast is much, much better, but I still do bottled anyway. I know, I know.

When soup or coffee is too hot to drink right away, drop a piece of ice into it and you can cool it almost instantly.

You can use ice to make homemade ice cream. Have you all made the old homemade ice cream in the crank buckets with ice and rock salt and natural stuff? I know you can buy homemade ‘tasting’ ice cream nowadays in the store, but if you’ve never made it yourself or made it with your kid or grandkids, you have to do it… the crank makers are cheap and your arm will be soooo tired, but it is just, I don’t know, memory making more than the ice cream, you know?

Don’t be a dweeb and buy the ones that do it for you and all that. You absolutely MUST buy an old crank style one and make sure everyone gets to crank, then eat the soupy unfrozen but sort of trying to freeze ice cream. Ice cream will never taste so good to you again. Do it. Just do it once before you’re too jaded, too old or too dead to do it. It’s worth it.

Anyway, strange as it may seem, I just wanted to talk about ice today.

I really don’t know why.

On another note, if the ice cream has you all cold, why not check out my steamy erotic novels, THREE: A Family Affair and THREE: Monogamy Multiplied. These novellas are awesome, real feelings, steamy sex, and a wonderful story all wrapped into one little Kindle book. The first of the books should be free by now, but if not it will be soon. The second is the continuing story of Brad, Paula and Jolie, but each stand completely alone. Up to you what order to read them in, but they do tell a bigger story together, but a complete story apart. Hope you enjoy them.

Oh, and don’t forget the ice cream.

It’s one of my favorite ‘little’ fun memories from my childhood. What about you? What’s a favorite childhood ‘little’ you remember like that? Oh, oh, oh, all-day suckers and hula hoops too… oh, I feel another blog post coming on!

Love and stuff,

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2 comments to A Blog About Ice?

  • J M Cornwell  says:

    Reading about your thoughts on ice, several things came to mind. Before I stopped drinking caffeine, Pepsi and Capital City ice were my favorite go together drinks. About a 2 liter a day of Pepsi and at least a 5 pound bag of Capital City ice. Now Capital City isn’t ordinary ice and it is made in the capital city, which happens to be Columbus, Ohio. The best part about it is that it tasted so good and had the right texture for chewing. Oh, and it had a hole in the middle. Best ice ever.

    Then there’s the time my grandfather showed me how to swallow whole ice cubes. He could do that and I wanted to learn how. I was about 5 at the time. I managed a half ice cube and graduated to a whole ice cube about 10 years later.

    Oh, the stories I could tell about ice in my life, but this is your blog, so I’ll leave you with those two.

  • JamieBMusings  says:

    One of my favorite ‘little’ things was going to the bookstore and getting the latest Baby-Sitters Club book.

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