Daily Archives December 18, 2012

Fickle Mistress

Over the years, I’ve met many, many people on the internet. I used to date through a local online dating/personals type place (NEVER again, and as I type, I can see the Doc’s head nodding in agreement, figuratively, of course). At that point in time, though, I had 19 dates in 21 days.

It was really quite comical. My own personal variation on speed dating I guess. The funniest part of it was that I wore the same dress about 17 of those times, because I really looked good in it, and it’s not like they knew I’d worn it before.

But, if you want a laugh, each time and went to the same restaurant all but two of those dates.  And the funniest part is, I didn’t pick the restaurant–they did!

Of course, at the time, I lived in a small town and there was only one real ‘fancy’ restaurant here, and I guess they were all trying to impress me. For those of you who knew the area or know me from the area, it was Harrigan’s, in  case you were wondering. The two who didn’t take me to Harrigan’s, one took me to IHOP at 2am (’cause nothing else was open) and the other took me to Red Lobster. I liked the IHOP guy. He was one that got a kiss, but that was the end of it for him, I’m afraid. Coffee was good, though.

I would have been impressed by some originality… what happened to a ball game, a picnic at the duck pond, bowling even! Something, anything! Hell, take me roller skating. Okay, not so much now, but I was better looking and healthier back then–I would have skated. I know I would have! A park? something, anything other than a fancy restaurant fall back. Be creative, guys!

Of course, the hostess at that restaurant must have been thinking I was some kind of high...

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