Daily Archives December 20, 2012

Describes My Age?


Seriously, this is me at 16… the baby is my daughter, who is now 25. I’m the tall one with the funky hair in the back. I sure felt like I looked a lot older back then than this picture makes me look now!

I was taking a survey today, and there was an interesting question on it. It asked: What number best describes your age?

It didn’t ask me how old I was. It didn’t ask when my birth date was. I asked me what number best describes my age. What an interesting way of putting things. I mean, I am 41 years of age right now. I’ll be 42 in about 3 1/2 weeks (January 13th for those who want to mark your calenders or something, ’cause we all know my birthday is a freakin’ national holiday now)… but it asked me to pick a number that best describes my age.

Well, I guess that changes depending on the day...

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