Random Rooms, Random Thoughts

When you stay in a hotel room, do you ever wonder at who has been in the room before? I mean, you’re sleeping in a bed where other people have slept, made love, passed out drunk, been raped, cried, laughed, eaten, masturbated, watched TV, pissed (or worse), or perhaps even died. When you use the shower, you are taking a shower where a really good-looking, beautiful woman was once naked, or maybe where a chubby man with lots of hair on his back and gold chains around his neck soaped himself up, too.

Your butt sits on a toilet where someone else’s butt has been.

Honestly, if you let yourself really, really think about it, it can get a bit creepy.

I think people have energy signatures – well, actually, it’s not that I think that, but more that it is a scientific fact that people vibrate with energy… as such, people do leave their energy signature behind them to an extent. When you’re in a room where others have been before, and you’re very, very quiet, have you ever felt as though you could feel the energy of the people who had been there before you?

Then you sort of shudder and shrug and laugh at yourself for being silly….

Okay, maybe it’s just me, right. And maybe it’s not so silly, really, but thinking about it in these ways can be silly.

Still, I have these weird swirling thoughts about things like this that just come out of the clear blue and sometimes I can get totally obsessed by them and my imagination runs away with me. Perhaps it’s one thing that really helps me with my fiction writing, but in another respect, boy it sure can mess with living life!

I mean, when you’re in a doctor’s office, think about how many people have sat or laid on the table you are sitting on. Think about how many people have been sick in that room… or who received bad news, or maybe good news. Think of the joy and elation of being told someone is pregnant with a much-wanted baby. The fear of waiting for test results for a biopsy for cancer. The sadness and denial of being told one has a terminal illness (like CTEPH, to name one)… or the shock and fear. If you allow yourself, you can almost feel it still lingering. There are good things and bad things that can happen in a doctor’s office, but regardless of good or bad, they can be powerful emotional things going on, thus leaving strong emotional energies.

My car is used… it was two years old when I got it, and I love my car. It was a one-owner car, driven by the wife of the man who owned the car lot I purchased it from. I’ve thought to buy a new car several times, recently, since mine is now old. You’d never know it to look at it though. I just can’t find a car I like as well as mine .

Anyway, I’m digressing here…

My point is, like I really ever make a point, that sometimes when I’m driving in my car, I’ll get this flash in my head, just a quick moment, where I wonder about the woman who drove the car before me… did she enjoy it like I do? Did she listen to music like I do… that type of thing.

And what about houses? I try really hard not to let my mind wander on who all has lived in our house. That just creeps me out for some reason. But I have looked at houses around the neighborhoods when I’m out and wondered about their stories, if the walls could talk, that sort of thing. There are stories behind those closed doors, and sealed windows. Things happen inside those houses, things most of us will never know, but there are stories there.

I have actually written a story that was inspired by nothing more than this one house I used to see every day, but the house made me think for some reason. It made me feel like there was a story behind the house’s exterior. I knew nothing of the people who lived there, only that I had to write a story about something that happened inside that house. I don’t know. If I did research, maybe I’d find I was channeling something real. Who knows?

So am I the only one who does this sometimes? Is it the curse of a writer to always wonder about the story and people behind things, or is that something that is a human condition? Is it curiosity? Is it normal, or am I weird (I mean, yeah, I know I’m weird, but am I weird for this reason?)

It’s part of why I think we like to visit historic places, so we can somehow connect to the past. Ever been to the Alamo, in Texas? I have. You can walk around that area there and if you’re very quiet and ignore the background noise, can you hear the sounds of the past? Inside the Alamo, the parts they’ll let you into, 998725_abandoned_houseit’s sort of muted, damped sound, and it’s ‘cool’ inside. If you’re very still and close your eyes, place your hand on the stone wall, and can you feel the energies of all the people who have been through there–the tourists, the men who died.

There are a ton of haunted mansions and churches in Galveston (near where I live), since it’s considered the third most-haunted city in the United State. When you go downtown, I swear if you pay attention, you can feel the energies of those who died in various circumstances–including natural disaster (hurricane/flooding) and war/fighting. It’s a strange sensation. I feel a connection to that energy. I’m not talking about being psychic of reading ghosts or anything like that. Just a feeling of connection to the energies of everyone who has been there before.

At the very least, things like that inspire me to want to write the stories of the people who came before me, even if I don’t know their stories. I find I want to make them up, breathe life into them, make them real. So many stories. Only one me. So little time.

So have you ever wondered, really wondered and/or felt a strong draw to an energy or a person you’d never met or a location or a house or dwelling of some sort that you felt there was a ‘story’ behind it? Have you ever ‘felt’ something of a residual energy you couldn’t explain?

Anyway, that’s it for today–leave your answer in the comments, or link to your blog so I can read your response!

I love you guys! Ya’ll have a nice day!

Love and stuff,


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2 comments to Random Rooms, Random Thoughts

  • Angela Parson Myers  says:

    I’ve looked in a young man’s eyes and felt a shock of recognition, tho I’d never met him before in my life. I’ve been shopping for a new home and rejected a house because I KNEW something bad had happened there. I’ve stood in the midst of a ruin atop a mesa in Arizona and felt the ancient people walking along the paths worn into the stone. I’ve ridden through the moors of Scotland and known this was home. I’ve picked up an antique and felt very uncomfortable holding it–or the opposite. I recently bought a creamer with a missing lid because it made me feel good.

    My mother told me that when I was a toddler, she and I would take evening walks with my grandmother, and I’d speculate on the people who lived in the houses we passed, so I guess it’s something that lives with a writer practically from infancy.

  • Matthew Buganski  says:

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