Farah Evers Wins Ariana eBook Cover Award 2013 for Dream Walking

My book, Dream Walking, which is a light supernatural suspense novella, was lucky enough to have a cover made for it by the very talented and gorgeous Farah Evers, through her company Farah Evers Designs. Earlier last year, I was proud that the book was entered into the EPIC Ariana eBook Cover Awards for best cover design in its genre, and we were completely excited (though I can’t say I was surprised, because I know she does good work!) that the cover made it to the finals. I mean, a finalist, wooohoo! But who could have imagined it would actually WIN the award?

Well, I could, or else I wouldn’t have allowed it to be entered into the contest. After all, I’ve been lucky enough to have Farah create most of my novella designs on the covers for my novellas, and I’ve even had her re-make covers for novellas I already had out there, because I just love her work so much. I mean, I don’t tell her really what I want. What I do is tell her what genre my book is, what the story is about, and that’s about it. Every now and then, I’ll give some input. For example, on THREE, my erotic series, I told her I wanted some sort of design that would tie all the books in the series together, to make them all very clearly part of the same series. This is what I got:

        THREE part 3The fuzziness is Amazon’s fault, not mine or Farah’s –sorry. But you can click the images to buy the books or see them on Amazon if you’d like!

You don’t get any better than that. You can clearly and easily see they are different books, but you can also tell they belong together, and the top corner has them numbers, so you know what order to read them in (okay, that was my idea, but it works!) She did the colors, the images, the font choices, everything else. And I told her nothing more than what I just told you.

For Celeste, this was a redo of the cover I originally had done elsewhere. She had read the story and made me the cover, on a whim, for free, just because she liked the story and it was in her head and she had to get it out. Well, it worked, because it was the first cover she had made for me personally as an author (she does all the cover design for my publishing company, which does short-story anthologies based on contests hosted on a the Accentuate Writers Forum). I was hooked. Loved the cover, and so I switched them out and had her do all my other novellas that were pending publication.

You can see her other work on my covers by going to my Amazon profile. She’s done every one of my Kindle Books thus far. For Crazy Cat Lady and Empath, I didn’t tell her anything–I just sent her a copy of my story and let her go. I didn’t tell her anything on Dream Walking either. She just seemed to read my mind and know what I wanted. I love working with her and she’s never done a cover for me I haven’t loved.

You can also do a search for her name on Amazon and see books she’s done for other people. One of my all-time favorite covers she’s done was for Derek Odom, called GAMBLE. You can see that cover here:

And while you’re there, pick up a copy of this novella. I’m biased, because I worked with Derek on it some (proofing and editing), and I love Farah’s work too, but this is a good little story and you should pick yourself up a copy of it. I love the cover, and actually wouldn’t mind having a print of it on the wall in the office. Seriously. It’s a stunningly visually appealing artwork, and it has a metaphoric meaning to me. Anyway, check it out on Amazon.

If you’re an author and you want to get a quote from Farah, I urge you to do it. I know you’re an indie author, and money is tight, but Farah will work with you. Consider a royalty contract with her, and her basic fees are ridiculously low for the quality she produces, and especially since she’s an award-winning cover artist! She knows her stuff, and your book will soar because of it. I know mine has. This win has netted me some sales and traffic, and that, ultimately, is what a good cover should do–it sells the book. It’s the writers job to keep them on the line and reel the reader in, but it’s the cover itself that hooks the eye, so to speak. Talk about a mixed metaphor. You’d think I was a writer or editor or something.

Congratulations, Farah! This honor is much deserved and I am so proud of you! I am also so very honored to have your art work, your talent, and your artistry gracing the covers of my books. What a wonderful thing for a writer! I wish every author could find a cover artist for themselves as perfectly suited for them as Farah is for me.

Okay, enough gushing now. Farah is gorgeous just as she is; it would be a shame if her head got any bigger (wink).

Love and stuff,



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2 comments to Farah Evers Wins Ariana eBook Cover Award 2013 for Dream Walking

  • Farah Evers  says:

    LOOL! How did you know about the head thing? 😛 I can’t even fit in this room anymore. hehe

    Oh man, you almost brought a tear to my eye. I don’t think I have ever been reviewed like that before. The honor and the pleasure is all mine, truly. I am the lucky one for having met you.

    You see folks, before Michelle, I had given up on all visual arts. I hated designing/drawing, and decided to quit. It was Michy who awakened this passion in me. It was her encouragement that drove me to relaunch an entire career out of it.

  • Derek Odom  says:

    I could not agree more, Michelle! Also, thanks a *ton* for the plug on Gamble. I, too, love that cover. I have a few stories coming out soon that she has already fiddled with covers for and let me tell you, they only get better the more you work with her.

    I’m like you: I’ll either send her the story or a good blurb, along with the genre, and I get back something amazing. That’s the way it should work, folks. Winning this award proves, beyond any doubt, that this wonderful lady knows exactly what she’s doing and knows exactly what the industry is looking for.

    If you are hemming and hawing about ponying up for a pro cover, I’m telling you, don’t fret a second longer because it truly does make a difference. Some people comment on Michelle’s Amazon books that they made the initial purchase *because of the cover*, then went back and bought more of her stories because the writing was stellar.

    I seriously cannot say how thrilled I am that this award went to such a neat and talented lady. Kudos.

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