F is for Fated Family

Today on the A-Z blog challenge, on this, my ‘unofficially’ entered into the challenge blog, I decided to write about my story FATED FAMILY. This is a short story. It’s about 70 reading page long, but it tells a full, complete and what I hope is a satisfying story. The story is, though dramatized and fiction, based on my real life. A lot of people don’t realize that when they read it. I call it semi-autobiographical. But truth is, it’s not a true story. It is, however, inspired by and based on real events in my life.

I’ve been asked by several people who have read the story to turn it into a novel, to tell Joanna’s story… I’m thinking about it. It really felt like I was in my voice when I wrote this, and people who have read it have said it felt real and true to me too. It felt like my voice. I think I might eventually write this as a novel. We’ll see. Whether I do or not, there is much more to Joanna’s story to be told.

For now, though, I’m happy to offer it to you, the reader, and let you see this glimpse into the struggle, the fight, and the ultimate satisfaction… Fated Family, by Michelle Devon.


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