It’s All in the Accent

So this morning, I woke early and waddled my achy self into the bathroom, where my groggy brain and fuzzy eyes saw a bottle on the counter that I not so clearly thought it read: Prego.

Now, in my mind, I likened this to being pregnant, a little nicky: preggers, prego, preggo, whatever. I chuckled and then went potty and while sitting on the toilet (’cause, guys, that’s how we ladies do it–yes, I’m jealous that you men can urinate and not touch anything nasty with your hands except your own penis, and, well, that shouldn’t be nasty–but, hey, I don’t know you, or your penis… so…)

Where was I? Oh, yes, I’m sitting on the toilet, and I’m wonder: Is the bottle pregnant? Are the contents pregnant? Does using the product make one pregnant?

Yes, these are the weird things I do when left to my own devices.

But I finally shook my head and realized that it didn’t say prego, it said Pergo.

Like this:






It’s for cleaning Pergo floors–you know, the ‘fake’ wood floor slats that we have in our home. I love Pergo. It’s super easy to clean, super nice looking, not as expensive or prone to damage as wood floors, and with animals in the house, it keeps things cleaner and smelling better than carpet ever could. Really love Pergo.

Don’t love prego that much–that is, being prego. Or preggo. Or pregnant. Well, I mean, 18 years or so ago, maybe, but not today, no thanks.

Then I shook my head and said, “Man, prego… that would be a horrible name for a commercial product.”


Yup, horrible. It’s in there. I wonder what ‘it’ is…

Love and stuff,


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4 comments to It’s All in the Accent

  • Buffy  says:

    I was wondering if, somehow, a jar of spaghetti sauce had made its way into the bathroom. Stranger things have happened… when the Brat Boy is in play, anything can happen (ask Schrödinger’s cat – she’ll tell you – she has the scald marks to prove it!)

    Feel better!

    • Michy Devon  says:

      In this house, Buffy, much stranger things have most definitely happened!

  • Jill Lawson  says:

    I admit, I giggled a little at the term ‘preggo’. Sounds like something we would have said in Jr. High back in the 80s.

    • Michy Devon  says:

      LOL Exactly! Like totally tubular and gag me with a spoon too!

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