Daily Archives July 16, 2013

Day 2: Vegetarian Challenge, Plans Change

One of the things that is important in doing fresh, natural, organic cooking at home instead of quick fix-processed foods is that you have to learn to be flexible. I’ve known this for a while now, since I’m trying to cook more and ‘buy’ less. When dealing with natural ingredients and limited shopping ability/time, you have to learn to adjust. What if you’re out of something? What if the tomatoes that were soft suddenly turn to mush and you don’t want to use them? (did you know you can juice or mash them before they start to mold and soft tomatoes you’d never use for a salad make a great juice or sauce?) Maybe your spinach is wilted or you find mold on your berries–or maybe you’re just out of something. What happens, you have to adjust and replan your meal, without it messing up your plans for other meals.

Of course, in the shopping, I always try to buy more things for a few ‘extras’ than I need, things I know I often run out of or things that store well but in a pinch can be substituted for something else. Last night, I knew we needed sweet potatoes to make the dish I wanted, but no one could make it to the store for me to buy the sweet potatoes I had forgotten. So, I had already made my black beans for the jerk sweet potatoes and black beans, but I had no sweet potatoes. I’m pretty sure when it’s in the name of the dish, I probably need to have the sweet potatoes.

So I scanned through my meal plans for another dish that had black beans in i...

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