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THREE, by Michelle Devon–The Polyamory Light Erotic Romance Series

Today, THREE: A Family Affair, book one of THREE series of polyarmous erotic novellas (the characters in the book are polyamorous–the books themselves, not so much. Well, I mean, more than one person can love the books, I hope, but the books themselves, alas, are incapable of reciprocating feelings… then again, they are electronic books, so if you get in the tub with your Kindle and forget to unplug it, and you drop it in the tub, the ‘book’ might cause you to feel something. Am I digressing? Yes, indeed, I do believe I’m digressing.)

Let’s start this over again: Today, THREE: A Family Affair and THREE: Monogamy Multiplied, Books 1 & 2 in the THREE erotica series are both absolutely FREE. You can get book one free all the time. Book 2, however, has never been free before and it will never be free again. Then, when you devour both of these (and I do hope you will), book three in the series, THREE: The Threesome, is ready for you to pick up and suckle some too.

Today, I thought I’d share a short excerpt from each book ( a completely PG or cleaner excerpt–the books are NOT PG or cleaner, trust me on this ), and then leave you with the working title and working cover for the fourth book. Enjoy…


THREE: A Family Affair

An Excerpt by Michelle D...

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Restaurant Review: Masa Sushi Sake, Dickinson, TX

46274_10150263552875226_5944905_nMust Try the “Yummy Must Try” at Masa Sushi Sake (off menu, ask)

Sushi and sake, Japanese dining with Texas flare and style–Masa Sushi Sake offers a little something for everyone.

298402_10152132106460226_2098797807_nMasa Sushi Sake Location

Masa Sushi Sake, a Japanese American fusion restaurant in League City, Texas, located at 1804 FM 646, Suite R, near Dickinson with other locations.

Masa Sushi Sake Parking

Nestled in a shopping center, with easy access and excellent parking, we pulled up on the front side of Masa Sushi Sake, and were met with dark tinted windows, properly obstructing our view of diners, but allowing the folks inside to see out with no problems. I thought the outside looked good, inviting, slightly upscale for the shopping center in which it was located. It was well-lit for nighttime, and safe and secure.421250_10152132105850226_468982049_n

Masa Sushi Sake Interi...

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Vegetarian Challenge: The Conclusion

I ended up with a sinus infection toward the end of the challenge, which meant my time online was limited and I spent a lot of time sleeping. I also ended up anemic (more on that in a minute) which drug me down a lot and caused me to spend a lot of time sleeping, so I wasn’t able to post as much as I had planned, but I’m not ignoring the challenge and I will post some of the recipes soon too. But today the challenge ends, officially, and I thought I’d update you guys and gals on how it went.

First, though, let me say: I’m really glad I did this challenge. I highly recommend to you all that you consider doing a vegetarian challenge too. Not so you change your lifestyle or anything permanently, but so you can see how making minor changes in your diet can make major impact in your life. This challenge definitely did that for me. Huge differences in how I think about and plan meals, huge differences in how I budget and shop and plan, and huge differences in how I look at what should go on the dinner plate. These are changes I think are going to stay with me.

Vegetarian Challenge: C...

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