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Vegetarian Challenge: The Conclusion

I ended up with a sinus infection toward the end of the challenge, which meant my time online was limited and I spent a lot of time sleeping. I also ended up anemic (more on that in a minute) which drug me down a lot and caused me to spend a lot of time sleeping, so I wasn’t able to post as much as I had planned, but I’m not ignoring the challenge and I will post some of the recipes soon too. But today the challenge ends, officially, and I thought I’d update you guys and gals on how it went.

First, though, let me say: I’m really glad I did this challenge. I highly recommend to you all that you consider doing a vegetarian challenge too. Not so you change your lifestyle or anything permanently, but so you can see how making minor changes in your diet can make major impact in your life. This challenge definitely did that for me. Huge differences in how I think about and plan meals, huge differences in how I budget and shop and plan, and huge differences in how I look at what should go on the dinner plate. These are changes I think are going to stay with me.

Vegetarian Challenge: C...

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