THREE, by Michelle Devon–The Polyamory Light Erotic Romance Series

Today, THREE: A Family Affair, book one of THREE series of polyarmous erotic novellas (the characters in the book are polyamorous–the books themselves, not so much. Well, I mean, more than one person can love the books, I hope, but the books themselves, alas, are incapable of reciprocating feelings… then again, they are electronic books, so if you get in the tub with your Kindle and forget to unplug it, and you drop it in the tub, the ‘book’ might cause you to feel something. Am I digressing? Yes, indeed, I do believe I’m digressing.)

Let’s start this over again: Today, THREE: A Family Affair and THREE: Monogamy Multiplied, Books 1 & 2 in the THREE erotica series are both absolutely FREE. You can get book one free all the time. Book 2, however, has never been free before and it will never be free again. Then, when you devour both of these (and I do hope you will), book three in the series, THREE: The Threesome, is ready for you to pick up and suckle some too.

Today, I thought I’d share a short excerpt from each book ( a completely PG or cleaner excerpt–the books are NOT PG or cleaner, trust me on this ), and then leave you with the working title and working cover for the fourth book. Enjoy…


THREE: A Family Affair

An Excerpt by Michelle Devon


His desire for her had never burned as deeply as it did in that moment, but it was different than it ever had been. For the moment, she no longer seemed unreachable, untouchable. Paul was there with her, holding her hand, smelling her scent, feeling her touch, and she was doing nothing to move from it, to discourage it.


Jolie turned slightly, resting her crooked leg up on his own leg so she could face him, looked him in the eye, but she did not let go of his hand.

“Yes, Paul?”

There was a long pause, Paul searching her eyes, as though he were seeking permission to speak. Finally, the courage found, he looked deep into her eyes and said softly, “I love you.”

Though Jolie had known what was coming, and she had known Paul’s feelings for her already, and she thought she had been prepared to have him speak the words and make his declaration of love a reality, and though she had thought she had known what her response would be when he spoke those words, suddenly, all of that escaped her.

There she sat, staring into his pleading eyes, and when he spoke the words confessing his feelings, prepared as she was to turn him down easy, she felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter. Her heart skipped a beat and then raced.

She opened her mouth to speak, ready to tell him that though she cared for him, she was not in love with him, but though her mouth opened, no sound came forth. She closed her mouth again and glanced away from Paul to look at the wall across the room and said, “Huh.”


Jolie’s confused look gave way to a warm smile, and she turned her head back to face Paul, and she said, “I…humm, Paul.” She looked away again, stammering, and smiling. She could not stop smiling, and the smile soon gave way to genuine laughter.

Paul did not understand, and the confused look on his face made her laugh even harder. Jolie let go of his hand and calmed her laughter before she reached up to touch Paul’s face.

“Paul,” she said, running her fingers through his hair, and then back down the side of his face.

It was sheer torture for Paul, her touch feeling like fire.

“Oh, Paul… baby, I… I love you, too.”

Jo let the palm of her hand rest against his rough, unshaven cheek as she watched his eyes flicker through a variety of emotion, while her own eyes sparkled with humor at the realization that Paul was having trouble processing her words.

His eyes twinkled with tears behind the emotions that she could see, threatening to spill, but he was fighting them back. He pleaded with her with his eyes, and somewhere inside of him, he wondered if this was some big practical joke, and as soon as he was eager to accept her words, she would laugh and break his heart. He was scared.
That was when she took her other hand and placed it on the other cheek and she held his face gently in her hands, looking directly into his eyes and said gently, “Paul, I’m in love with you.”

With those words and the conviction in her eyes, Paul’s confidence returned to him and with fluid movement, he slid his arms around her waist and reached around her back to pull her to him, his lips pressing urgently against hers.

She did not pull away, but rather melted into his embrace opening her mouth to him, parting her lips to let him taste her kisses, swirling her tongue around his own that danced across her lips. His kiss took her breath away with such vibrant passion that she was overwhelmed. The sounds in the room faded into a fuzzy confusion, her mind could no longer think, and she was lost to the power of Paul’s pent up passion.

One kiss led to another, then another, as Paul moved his body to pull her closer to him, wrapping his arms protectively around her, pressing her chest to his without breaking the contact on her lips. She responded, leaning into him, and together, the two slid down to lay on the couch, kissing, touching and sharing a physical expression of the love both had tried to deny.

Jolie’s head was fuzzy. As her body lay on top of his, she could feel his erection pressing against her leg, rock hard, definitely indicating his desire. Her mind floated to the possibility of making love to him. Her hand slid down the side of his body, rubbing his leg.

At that moment, Paul felt his ever-growing desire with intensity unlike anything he had experienced with any woman, and he had been with plenty of women in his life. She felt soft and fragile, but at the same time forceful and certain. He thrust his pelvis up into her body, letting her feel his desire, and just when her lips met his again, he froze.
Jo also froze.

Both lay there for a moment, not moving.

Paul was the first to speak. “What are we doing?”

Jolie sighed and stiffened her body and said, “I don’t know.”

She moved off of his reclining frame and sat back up on the couch where she had been sitting before, and for a moment, Paul lay there on the couch, feeling somewhat defeated. He finally sat up next to her, and leaned forward to put his elbows on his knees, tilting his head down and rubbing the back of his head with his hands.
“Your brother does that.”

Paul looked up at her. “What?”

“Brad, he… he sits like that when he’s upset and thinking about things.”

Paul nodded.

Jolie turned and bent her knee up on the couch so she could face Paul again.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“Yeah, we do,” Paul answered.



“Will you look at me?” she asked.

Paul put his hands down with a sigh, and turned to put his knee up on the couch to face her, sitting the same way she was sitting, eye to eye.
Jolie reached her hand up to touch his face, and then traced a finger lightly across Paul’s lips. “Damn, boy, but you do know how to kiss.”
Paul had the decency to blush and glance away, but he smiled and mumbled something he hoped resembled a ‘thank you’.

“I do love you, Paul.”

Paul nodded and said, “But?”

“But… Brad.”

“Yeah,” was Paul’s flat response. “Brad.”



THREE: Monogamy Multiplied

An Excerpt by Michelle Devon


The coffee shop was crowded, and Paul could not help but notice how Jolie was fidgeting with her hands. He moved closer to her and reached his arm up around her shoulders in a protective gesture, one he had seen from Brad many times, but had never fully understood until that moment. She smiled up at him and relaxed into him, partly resting her head on his shoulder while they walked to the front doors.

“You want to sit on the patio while I go in?” Paul asked.

“No, I’ll… I’ll go in with you.”

Paul did not say anything, but he pulled her closer to him, keeping his arm securely around her. She smiled appreciatively while they stood in line to order their drinks, and then he had to let her go to carry the drinks to the table.

“Patio?” he asked.

She nodded, and held the door open for him to walk through, quickly moving beside him to walk to the corner on the little patio filled with umbrella-covered tables and plastic chairs. Paul set the drinks on the table and quickly moved to pull Jolie’s chair out for her.

“My lady,” he said, bowing deeply at the waist.

Jolie giggled and bent to peck him on the nose. “You’re cute,” she said, taking her seat.

Paul sat next to her, leaning back casually in his seat and reaching for his drink. Jolie rested one hand on Paul’s leg while the other reached for her drink as well.
Paul noticed the gesture, and he reached to take her hand in his.

“It’s weird, you know,” he stated.

“What’s weird?”

“Being here with you, like this,” he said, squeezing her hand lightly.

“Good weird, I hope?” she queried.

“Oh, hell yeah, just… never thought we’d be together, like this, you know?”

Jolie smiled, but her thoughts were on the memories of the night they had shared together, and the anticipation of more to come. The thought of it made her breath catch, feeling the fluttery feeling inside. She sighed deeply, contentedly.

“That waitress over there,” Jolie said, nodding her head in the women’s direction. “She is confused.”

“How do you mean?” Paul asked.

“Brad and I come in here all the time. When we first started dating, we’d meet here in the mornings, nearly every morning. She knows we’re married. She’s seen you in here with us before, I’m sure. I guarantee you, she’s trying to figure out what’s going on with us.”

Paul didn’t say anything right away. It was reactions like that he had been worried about when he said to his brother that he worried what people might think. He realized there was a lot more about this romantic entanglement they were in than any of them had probably considered. It was Brad’s style to think about things like this, though, so Paul hoped when they were finally able to all sit down and really talk about their relationship together that they’d be able to work through some of the confusion and concerns.
With Jolie, in that moment, Paul leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips, a long, lingering, intimate kiss. When he pulled away, he tried to act casual and responded with, “Well, just let her try to figure it out.”

He hid his slightly worried expression behind his coffee cup when he thought the café employee might have an easier time figuring out their new relationship than he would.


THREE: The Threesome

An Excerpt by Michelle Devon


His voice sounded surprisingly vulnerable, and it unnerved her to hear him sound so insecure. He was always her strong, stoic man. Part of her liked seeing the vulnerability and knowing it was related to his wanting her, but another part of her felt unsettled. If Brad, of all people, could feel insecure, it brought forth her own discomfort and fears. She sat up and looked him in the eyes.

“Brad,” she said, “are you still okay with this… this…” she waved her hand in front of her face and finished with, “this situation?”

“Oh, baby,” he said, and he reached out to pull her back into his arms. He wrapped his strong, muscular arms around her soft, warm body and held her close to him. “Yes, of course, I am. It’s not that. It’s just…” he paused for a moment to collect his words and then continued with, “You remember how Paul said he didn’t want to be kicked out on his ass every time I came back to town, right?”

“Right,” she said.

“Well, I think about that when I’m here, and I try to be careful not to make him feel that way. But the truth is: He gets you all to himself, alone, all week long. Ya’ll can have sex, do whatever, sleep alone together at night. Then I come home, and you and I are sneaking around in the afternoon to have sex alone, and I have to share you in bed at night with him, which means we’re not having sex at night. And then when I was trying to surprise you by coming home early, I was the one who ended up being surprised.”

“I’m really sorry about that,” she said.

“I know. And you know, I’m not even upset about it, I mean, not at you or him, anyway. It’s just… I miss us. You know?”

She sighed. “Yeah, I do know.”

They sat together in silence for a moment, with him stroking her back and her fingers tracing circles on his chest.

“Like this,” he said. “I miss moments like this.”

“So what do we need to do about it?” she asked.

“That’s the thing,” he said. “I don’t think we need to do anything about it. I’m mostly just talking about how I feel right now. I think things will get better when we move. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to get used to things being a little awkward when I come home.”

“That doesn’t really seem fair either,” Jolie said. “Why aren’t we able to have sex at night? I mean, I know we all sort of sleep in the same bed and all, but there’s no reason we can’t have sex when we want, is there?”

“I guess it’s just sort of awkward… for me and Paul, that is.”

“Is it?”

“Well, yeah,” Brad said. “I mean… yeah.”

“I don’t know. What do you think would happen if we started to fool around while Paul was in bed with us?”

“Considering how soundly he sleeps and how loudly he snores, he’d probably not even notice,” Brad said, snorting his laughter.

Jolie laughed with him. “But really, Brad, I’m serious. Is that something… is that something you’d be willing to do?”

“What?” he asked, wanting to be certain he understood what she was asking.

“Well, the way I look at it is, if we’re going to continue this relationship, the three of us, it’s bound to happen that we end up having sex with all three of us in bed… so what if we just break the ice and go for it?”

Brad didn’t say anything, and she let the silence linger so her meaning could sink in.

“A threesome?” Brad asked. “Is that what you’re talking about?”


~~~###End of Excerpts###~~~

If you want to read more and get all the steamy R and X rated stuff, you have to pick up your copy. The first book, THREE: A Family Affair, is always free. The second book, THREE: Monogamy Multiplied is free today only, and then is $1.39 all the time. The third book, THREE: The Threesome is a new release for just $1.99! Book four is due out in about two weeks, and I promised you a working title and a cover reveal–along with a very brief excerpt, so here it is:


THREE: Infidelity

An UNEDITED Excerpt by Michelle Devon


“Come on, bro. Get your ass in gear. We’re running late, and Jolie will kill you if you ruin this dinner for her. She’s nervous enough as it is.”

“Are you sure it’s the right time to be doing this?” Paul asked.

“Nope, not sure of it, but it’s as good a time as any,” Brad replied.

“I’m not so sure about that,” Paul mumbled.

Brad stopped for a moment, holding the last of the grocery bags in his hands, and looked at his brother. He put the bags in the bed of the truck and walked around the side to where Paul stood.

Paul reached into his pocket, grabbed a pack of cigarettes, and took one out to light it. He couldn’t find a lighter, which helped take some of the tension out of him being stared at by his brother.

Brad grabbed the Zippo lighter his brother had given him for Christmas several years ago from his pocket and handed it to Paul.

“Thanks,” Paul said.

“Look,” Brad said, sighing and then turning to lean against the truck beside his brother, “I know this is a bit… unorthodox, right?”

“What’s that mean?” Paul asked.

“You know, out of the ordinary, different.”

“Yeah, you could say that again,” Paul said.

“Right. But okay, mom and dad, they love us, right? And what they really want is for us to be happy. We’re happy with Jolie, right? And you already know they love Jo. This is going to be okay.”

“I hope so,” Paul said, taking another drag from the cigarette and holding his breath. He finally exhaled and then flicked the cigarette onto the ground.

Brad rolled his eyes at his brother before he crushed the cigarette out with his foot, bent and picked it up, and then he tossed it into the trash barrel by the shopping cart corral and put the cart up before he returned to the truck.

“Come on, bro. We’ve done harder things this this. Hell, we’ve told mom and dad harder things than this, especially when we were in high school. We can do this,” Brad said.

“Why do we have to do this?” Paul said. His voice was nearly whiny, and it both annoyed and amused Brad.

“Don’t you love Jolie?” Brad asked.


“And don’t you want to be able to share that love openly, where others know? Or do you always want to feel like you’re sneaking around and hiding?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, I guess… I mean, I get it. I just don’t wanna tell mom and dad,” Paul said.

Brad laughed. “Okay, but people are going to know eventually. Don’t you think it’s important mom and dad hear it from us—that we’re both in love with the same woman, that you’re dating my wife—before they hear about it from others or oversee or overhear something and maybe misunderstand?”

“I hate when you’re right,” Paul said.

“Yeah, I know. And it happens all the time, ’cause I’m always right.”

It was Paul’s turn to roll his eyes, but he said nothing.

“Come on,” Brad said, “let’s go talk to Jolie. She’ll calm you down. She always does.”

“She always does,” Paul said.

The brothers climbed into the truck and headed home in near silence, each thinking about the events of the past few months, while both also considered the events that would occur that night at dinner: When they told their parents that they both were involved in a relationship with Jolie, Brad’s wife, Paul’s new girlfriend. The brothers knew their parents might not understand—sometimes, they admitted it was strange even to them when they would think about it for long—but the relationship between the three of them worked, worked beautifully, and everyone was happy.

Brad couldn’t help but hope that was what his parents would understand.


THREE part 4

Coming soon! Thanks as always for your support, love, readership, your honest reviews, your friendship, your whatever whatever! I love you all!

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