Daily Archives September 25, 2013

Just Another Day In Writersville

I’ve come to the conclusion many times in the past that I am not normal. You who have known me for years online or on various social networks probably already knew that. It’s really hard to hide a lack of normalcy, and I make absolutely no efforts to do so. I’ve never been normal. I’ll never be normal. The difference between how I was a child and young adult and how I am now is simply one very important thing: I embrace who I am now. Other than that, I’ve always just been me. No excuses, no apologies, what you see is mostly what you get, me.

Not everyone is going to like me. That took me some time to be okay with. I am a pleaser, strangely enough, and I want everyone to be happy and love me just as I am. But I know not everyone is going to do that. When I get caught up trying to be something I am not, trying to be who I am not, I become unhappy. When I am around people who don’t like who I am and I act like myself, they are unhappy. So really, it comes down to, I intend to hang out with and associated with people who can love me for and embrace me because of my weirdnesses and differences and personality than to hang out with people who will accept me or tolerate me in spite of them.

I had to tell a friend of mine toda...

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