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Meanwhile, On My Other Blog


Starting October 1 (today! ack!), I will take a month-long food stamp (SNAP) challenge. For those who don’t know what this is: For one month, I will attempt to feed myself and my family on the basic amount of money allotted to a food stamp recipient for the State of Texas (where I live) and to do so in a nutritionally balanced way that is healthy and hopefully enough calories to sustain life. I will blog each day (I hope), include information about meals, time spent planning and preparing to shop and cook. At the end of the challenge, I’ll share recipes, budgets, shopping lists, information, and a memoir-style book I’ve been working on for a while now that deals with food insecurity, includes all the recipes I’ve been sharing, and much more.

In doing this challenge, there have to be some rules, to make this as realistic as possible. I posted those on the other blog today. Please take a look at them! Doing the food stamp challenge for just a week is easy (it’s not, but stick with me! I say it’s easy, because most people doing it for a week know that at any time they can break their challenge. They know they can buy whatever they want and stop any time. Anyone can do almost anything for a week. Hell, people fast for religious, spiritual, and medical purposes all the time, sometimes more than a week! A week without eating ‘well’ is not going to show the impact.

Plus, it’s easy enough to pretend to have to li...

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