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Writing Legalities: Things Indie Authors Don’t Always Think About

Did you know that fonts are copyrighted and that you can’t just use any font you want on the cover or interior of your book without licensing it or getting permission? You either have to choose one in the public domain (and be certain it really is in the public domain), or you have to pay to license the use of the font, create your own font, or else get written permission to use a font for your book, especially if you plan to sell it anywhere.

Did you know that the images you find online through Google Images or other online searches are not free to use just because someone posted them online and that they too are copyrighted to the photographer who took the photo? You, again, have to get written permission to use them.

Did you know that going to the free stock photo sites online and choosing pictures there for your book cover might not work, because each image uploaded by the photographer might have different licenses attached to them, and you might not be able to use them, even though they say they are free to use, if you plan to sell your book commercially to more than a certain number of people or to reproduce a certain number of books, or else you have to make a derivative work of or change the image in a tangible way to use it and on and on and on.

The p...

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