Uhm, You’re the Writer

Today, I was doing a read-through of a book today. I sometimes get ‘dislodged’ from the universe of a book and have to go back and re-read it to get into it. This book, I was reading along, two characters were in the midst of a conversation. I love these characters. Their interplay with one another is good. They are best friends, attorneys who have a practice together. Their conversation had me wondering what was going on with something in the book… I was really into it, and then suddenly, the words stop.

I was pushing the down arrow, and there were no more words. I looked at the page numbers and there were no more pages.

I said, “But… who is Daugherty and what happened with…”

Then this little voice in my head says, “Uhm, hello? You’re the writer. You want to know what happened and who he is, you’re going to have to write it.”



Guess I better get to writing then. Problem is, I really don’t know who I intended Daugherty to be. This will be interesting.

Love and stuff,,



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One comment to Uhm, You’re the Writer

  • Buffy  says:

    *chuckles* You really need to make those characters in your head dictate more clearly! Tell them to snap to it!

    Happy writing!

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