Do You Beleive in Ghosts or Spirits?

cemetry-1021577-mWhat I’m about to tell you is not a fiction story–it’s a true story. It’s not really that exciting or anything, so don’t expect it to be this amazing ghost story or anything like that. It’s just a little something that happened to me last month that made me think about some things and I was wondering what you guys thought. I also was wondering what you guys think about what happened, maybe you can give ma a plausible and earthly answer for what caused the phenomenon I experienced.

So… for Valentine’s Day, I was fortunate enough to be treated to a weekend in a high-rise hotel on Clear Lake, just about a half hour from where I live. I love this part of Texas, with its oceans, lakes, greenery, flowers and birds. It is one of the best places in the US to bird watch–with so many varieties of birds and colors and sounds. I love birds. Anyway, we spent the weekend at the hotel on the water, I watched the boats and birds and ducks on the water and I watched the cars drive by on the freeway (I love to watch people–I’m definitely a people watcher).

Anyway, the hotel was lovely and the food was amazing. They had this dish called Chicken and Waffles that was to die for, with candied bacon and jalapenos on it. It’s on my Facebook page if you want to go and see it. Wasn’t at all what I expected.

There were these cool clock radios on the nightstand with an MP3 port and it played satellite radio too. I thought they were cute. So at night, when I’d lay down to fall asleep on the most amazing pillows I’ve ever slept on (yes, I’m looking to buy pillows like these for home–they were luxurious and super heavy too!), I heard this sound… like a radio playing in a distant room or a loud radio playing in a house on your block. You probably know the type of sound, where you hear it loudly enough to realize it’s a radio and maybe get a rhythm vibration, but you can’t really recognize any of the tunes or the singer or even whether it’s a guy or girl. Loudly enough you know it’s music, but not enough to know what kind of music even. You can feel the thump of the beat in vibration, even, but can’t quite hear it.

Here’s the thing, though: No one else could hear this but me. Now, I’ve been know to have pretty good hearing-but come on? I mean, no one else could hear this but me? And it gets better. I couldn’t hear it all the time. The only time I could hear it was when I’d lay my head on the pillows on the bed.

Now… stay with me here, ’cause I’m a weird one and so I had to ‘test’ this experience to see what was up.

First, I learned that I could only ‘hear’ this music when one ear was covered on the pillow. If I covered the other ear, I couldn’t hear it any more. I could put my ear against the wall, and I heard nothing. I wasn’t going to get on the floor, ’cause chances are I wouldn’t have been able to get up again, but I did go into the bathroom and try to hear it there, and put my ear against each wall of the rooms next door to try to hear it there. Nothing. The only time I could hear it was when I had my head on the pillow with one ear against the pillow.

I then removed the pillow and tried to lay my head against the bed itself to see if I could ear it that way. Nope. The only time I could hear it was when I was lying on the pillow.

So what was I hearing? Where was it coming from? Why could I only hear it on the pillow and not any other way?

Am I crazy? (wait, don’t answer that–I know I’m crazy–but this isn’t why!)

My son at one point wanted to e a paranormal investigator. He doesn’t know if he believes in ghosts or spirits or souls or things of that nature that are supernatural–that is, not of this existence, but he’s fascinated by things like that and wants to confirm their existence for himself–or perhaps, confirm they don’t exist.

What’s your take?

Love and stuff,



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2 comments to Do You Beleive in Ghosts or Spirits?

  • Derek Odom  says:

    My first thought was the old seashell bit——maybe you were hearing the blood in your own ears. But then maybe not.

    If someone was listening to music that went soft and loud and back again, that could do it. A ton of today’s music has real loud choruses and relaxed, quiet verses. It would be a strong coincidence, admittedly, but they could have coincided with you putting your head on the pillow.

    That or poltergeist. Just saying.

  • Michy Devon  says:

    But Derek, it happened day or night, for three days!

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