Lucid, Vivid Dreams: Do Dreams Have Meaning?

I don’t mind dreams so much, even the weird ones. Sometimes, especially the weird ones. I’ve actually gotten some pretty good story ideas or at least some starting concepts, from dreams I’ve had. But here recently, I’ve been having the weirdest, oddest, strangest dreams–not really nightmares, per se, but dreams that leave me feeling quite unsettled. The weird art isn’t really even the dream, as much as it is that the dream stays with me. I mean, with most dreams, they’ll stay with you for a little while, but then over the course of the day, they begin to fade. If you don’t share them with someone else, by the end of the day, you might not remember them at all. But for me, recently, I’ve been remembering all my dreams. And they stay with me. Worse yet, they pop into my head at the strangest moments throughout the day. Another weird component of these dreams is that I wake up several times per night from these dreams. At least two or three times per night, I will wake up from one of these vivid lucid or near-lucid dreams. I hate that part most of all. I would love to sleep through the night!

A few of my dreams are recurring dreams. They aren’t identical each time, but they are close enough that I know they are essentially the same dream. One of them is a weird dream of me running in a post apocalyptic world, on top of metal roofs that house chickens, and shooting some type of laser beam guns or something. It’s like a flea market area, where I am, but more of a clandestine one–like it’s an illegal market, but the authorities sort of overlook it. I am running from a man (someone I know in my real life) and the dream is just odd. Sometimes, in the middle of running, I stop to look at scarves or gold bracelets.

Another recurring dream has to do with my fear of elevators. Yes, it’s an irrational fear. It’s such an irrational fear that I would, when I was healthy and still walked places, often take the stairs to avoid the elevators, if I were not going too high up. Anyway, in this dream, it has two sort of components to it. The first is the grand front entrance of this hotel, with lots of red and gold and brass fixtures all over the place and fancy, shiny-doored golden elevators that went up and down and sideways too. The elevators, of course, start rolling around and dumping us upside down and topsy turvey. But then the other component is the service elevator in the same dream, that is washed in green light (everything about the service elevator is green, everything about the front elevators is red)… in the service elevator, it keeps breaking down and not going all the way up to the right floor, so that when the doors open, the elevator car is halfway between floors and you have to climb out of it.

Sometimes, there’s a piano player in the service elevator, just playing piano for the elevator music. It’s his job, to play elevator music in the service elevator, all day, riding up and down and playing. Sometimes, there’s wait staff in the elevator, carrying trays of champagne and caviar out to the hotel guests.

It’s a strange dream and I have it frequently.

When I was a kid, my recurring dream was that my house would burn down and I would be standing outside, naked, while the fire department came to put the fire out and they’d have to give me a blanket to cover me up while I watched the house burn down. I haven’t had a fire dream in many, many years, thankfully.

I read somewhere a while back that you can’t dream about someone whose face you’ve never seen, so if you see someone you don’t know in your dreams, it means you’ve actually seen that person somewhere in real life. You might not remember seeing them in public somewhere, but your brain remembers, and uses the images it remembers in your dreams. Which I think is a neat thing to know, but I have to wonder how, scientifically, do you test something like that to know your theory is correct? I mean, if the person doesn’t remember seeing or meeting that person in the dream, how do you prove that they did?

Do you have a recurring dream? Do you understand it’s meaning? Do you even think dream have meaning? If they don’t, why do we dream then?

I’m curious to hear what you all think.

Love and stuff,



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One comment to Lucid, Vivid Dreams: Do Dreams Have Meaning?

  • Lisa Lee Smith  says:

    Well, my friend, I think we all know your apocalyptic chicken house dream is all about me, me, me! Most dreams are…Ha! Seriously, though, I think dreams are for working things out in our minds, and also there to remind us how creative we are and what we’re capable of. I used to have a recurring dream in which I was a young woman from Greece with long dark hair, and I was at the top of a huge stone staircase which crumbled and sent me falling into the sea. I guess I’ll never know if anyone rescued me or if I drowned. It didn’t seem to matter, though, and I remember feeling comfortable under the water despite the situation. In real life, falling scares the daylights out of me.

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