Daily Archives July 29, 2014

In My Lifetime, A Writing Prompt

I have watched many things transpire in my lifetime. I’ll start by going back in time a little bit, and talk about the things that my parents saw happen in their lifetime, and then I’ll move forward a bit.

The world has changed a lot recently, and I don’t think we truly are even aware of how much has happened in such a short period of time.

My mother remembers a time when there was no television. Today, I have a digital DVR cable box, where I can order on demand shows live, and pause, record and rewind over 500 different channels with the flip of a switch while streaming movies at the touch of a fingertip any time I want.

My mother remembers a time before personal computers even existed, when ham radio was all the rage as a new technology, when what computers did exist were so large as to ...

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