Inexperienced Football Fan

football-5-655092-mJust a short bit of humor to brighten your day that is a blast from my past with my son.

When my son was 11…he’ wasn’t much up on football. The person I was living with at the time was watching the game…my son was trying to “get into the game” and share it with him, but my son just flat didn’t understand the concept.

I’m sitting at my desk working, and here is what I am hearing in the background:

Son: So who are the Sooner’s?

Answer: Oklahoma.

Son: What about Kansas? Are they Sooners too?

Answer: No.

Son: Okay. [pause] What’s that red line?

Answer: I don’t know.

Son: What about the white line?

Answer: If they go over the white line then they are out of bounds.

Son: Oh, so they lose the ball?

Answer: Yeah, kinda.

Son: What if it’s just one foot over the line?

Answer: Then they are still out of bounds. Anything over the line counts.

Son: What if it’s just a strand of hair?

Answer: Michelle, is it time for him to go to bed yet?

Love and stuff,



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