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In the Game of Love, Winner Takes All


Love in tennis is nothing, but in Life it is Everything


Game of Love, by Ara Grigorian [Curiosity Quill Press, May 4, 2015, $16.99] is set in the high-stakes world of professional tennis where fortune and fame can be decided by a single point.

Gemma Lennon has spent nearly all of her 21 years focused on one thing: Winning a Grand Slam.

After a disastrous and very public scandal and subsequent loss at the Australian Open, Gemma is now laser-focused on winning the French Open. Nothing and no one will derail her shot at winning – until a heated chance encounter with brilliant and sexy Andre Reyes threatens to throw her off her game.

Breaking her own rules, Gemma begins a torrid affair with Andre who shows her that love and a life off the court might be the real prize. That is, until their secret affair is leaked to the press, making headlines across the globe, putting Gemma and Andre in the crosshairs of the swarming paparazzi and Andre in danger of losing a lucrative consulting contract.

With time running out and their relationship threatening to implode, Andre uses his expertise to expose the betrayer – and discovers that Gemma may not be the real target, after all.

In the Game of Love, winner takes all.


“This is a beautiful, fun, outstanding novel by a deeply dedicated and talented novelist. Readers will love Game of Love and they’ll love the many books he writes in the future,” says New York Times bestselling author, Michael Levine.

Six-time Romantic Times Award Winner, Laura Taylor, adds, Game of Love is a powerful, beautifully-crafted, and compelling novel guaranteed to delight readers.”

Passion, betrayal, intrigue, fame, family and love make Game of Love a story that will satisfy readers of all genres. Compelling characters, a tightly-wound plot, suspenseful elements, exotic and breath-taking locations, and a satisfying ending make Game of Love one of the best first novels to be published in a very long time.

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Curiosity Quills Press (CQ) is a small hybrid publishing company specializing in genre fiction of the highest quality. They have over 150 titles in their catalog to date, and will launch approximately 6 new books each month They work with major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Audible, among others. Founded in 2011 by Eugene Teplitsky and Lisa Gus, CQ was initially a resource portal for writing and publishing, created in an effort to help writers, survive the publishing industry. After rapid success, CQ morphed into publishing press that over time has solidified its place in the market.

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Armenian by heritage, born in Iran, lived in Barcelona, and escaped New York until he found his home in Los Angeles. Ara’s first eleven years were both busy and confusing. The fruit salad of languages would slow down his genetically encoded need to tell stories. Until then, an alter ego would be required.

He received an engineering degree from California State University Northridge and earned his MBA from the University of Southern California. 

Today, he is a technology executive in the entertainment industry. True to the Hollywood life, Ara wrote for a children’s television pilot that could have made him rich (but didn’t) and nearly sold a video game to a major publisher (who closed shop days later).

But something was amiss until his wife read him the riot act. “Will you stop talking about wanting to be a writer and just do it?” 

So with her support (and mandate), and their two boys serving as his muse, he wrote stories.

Fascinated by the human species, Ara writes about choices, relationships, and second chances. Always a sucker for a hopeful ending, he writes contemporary romance stories.

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