Book Announcement: A Touch of the Underworld, by Dr. David Trucker

A story unique in American History is that of an 85-year-old working physician in Wisconsin who admits to having been part of the Underworld, a system that began as the Cleveland Syndicate and subsequently became the prototype of the Mafia in America.
A Touch of The Underworld by Dr. David Trucker, the pen name of Dr. David Florence, is an historical document pointing out the ingeniousness and violence, which led to many economic and cultural developments in America by the underworld and the role of his family and himself in the process.
Incorporating both the history and humor in a unique fashion makes this read a cliffhanger, along with Dr. Florenceā€™s interactions with many celebrities from Hollywood and around the nation.

A Touch of The Underworld is a must read for the curious and the adventurous.

A Touch of the Underworld
By: Dr. David Trucker
ISBN: 978-1496962300
Available at Author House and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Dr. Trucker is the pen name for David W. Florence, MD, a practicing orthopedic specialist in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the last 50-years. Dr. Florence overcame the excitement and disasters of growing up in the underworld to become a successful physician and surgeon in both military and civilian life and yet continued to serve as an agent for his friends and associates in the underworld.

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