Book Announcement: Not Too Cocksure, by Marc Freden

image005NOT TOO COCKSURE, by Marc Freden
Sunstone Press, Trade Paperback: $19.99 retail

An unflinching, candid, and scandalous look at Hollywood: A world of secrets, sex and celebrity, where dreams can come true for those who have the ambition and willingness to leave their moral compass locked in the closet.

Mica Daly is an aggressive, ambitious on-camera entertainment reporter. Chad Martin is a strikingly handsome cater-waiter and ambitious, driven aspiring actor. When their two worlds collide at what ultimately devolves into a debauchery-fueled bacchanal disguised as a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, Mica and Chad’s lives — and bodies — become inextricably intertwined in the first book in author Marc Freden’s “Bright Lights” book series titled Not Too Cocksure.

Author Marc Freden has been privy to Hollywood’s scandals for over 30 years and is now ready to reveal those secrets to his readers through his alter-ego Mica Daly. Mica is a fixture on the red carpet circuit but is hungry for more—a hot story that he can really sink his teeth into. Chad’s meteoric rise to stardom is that hot story. Caught between love and ambition, business and pleasure, both Mica and Chad navigate Hollywood’s treacherous waters to keep their relationship a secret. That is until a series of revealing pictures surfaces of Chad with a mystery man, kicking the Hollywood rumor mill into high gear. Lydia Gray, Mica’s unscrupulous boss, sees an opportunity and assigns Mica to find out who this man is in Chad’s life. Forced to choose between outing his boyfriend and saving his career, or risk everything to keep their secret, Mica discovers that even taking the high road may lead him down a path paved with deceit, heartbreak, jeopardy, and even death. Not Too Cocksure is an unvarnished look at celebrity and the blatant sexuality of those caught in its decadent web.

image006“It has been said that my novels have all the steaminess of a ’50 Shades of Gay’ and the Hollywood-insider deliciousness of Jackie Collins, which I consider a compliment,” says Freden. “All my characters are drawn from, or are a pastiche of, real Hollywood personalities. People have asked me if certain incidents in the book have really happened. And the answer is yes!”

Freden, a producer and on-camera entertainment journalist for over 30 years, is an easily recognizable on-camera fixture of entertainment programs and televised red carpet events. His critically acclaimed first novel, REALLY!?!—A Memoir and Other Observations From a Man Who’s Lived Life ‘Not Quite Famous Enough, in which his witty and sardonic anecdotal life story was praised by Publishers Weekly: “Freden’s energy, charisma, and honesty are admirable . . . readers will come away rooting for him to become ‘famous enough.’”

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