What Happened to Them?

As I sat here this morning and watched the pouring rain outside of my window, I knew I couldn’t go anywhere today. The flooding in Texas has been crazy. I’m glad we’re in the ‘burbs here in the Galveston area, so our area hasn’t been so bad. But I still haven’t been out on the streets when it’s raining like this. Everyone else has stayed put too. So ya’ll don’t worry–we’re safe.

It’s sort of nice to watch the rain, actually. I just wish I didn’t know that people are suffering and some have died from it. So if you’re in the path of these storms, please stay safe. Try not to drive, especially at night, with these flash floods.

Now, on to the point of my post this morning. While I was watching the rain, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I went to the AWF (Accentuate Writers Forum) to see if anything new had been posted. It’s been so slow in there recently. Nobody is talking any more. I feel like Facebook is killing my forum and that makes me sad.

I still post paying writing leads, both for fiction and nonfiction, online and print. I still post contests for writers. I still post news and information. But no one responds to it any more. No one chats about writing any more. No one asks questions any more.

asheaderSo I wondered, “Are people even writing any more?”

I went to look then. And sadly, it seems many people aren’t. So many have given up the dream. It makes me so sad. Some I thought might actually make it have taken ‘real’ jobs and their blogs have disappeared. The domains don’t exist any more or they go to GoDaddy place holder pages saying the domain is available to buy. Or I find their blog on WordPress or Blogger, but they haven’t posted in two or three years.

There are some who have just disappeared from the internet completely, so I can’t tell what happened to them. One in particular was a good friend of mine, at least in my mind, and she just vanished.

189_22262250225_7991_nOne of the writers who I thought was particularly talented and who had a popular blog and website and really good stories… she isn’t writing much any more. But she’s happy. She’s gone a different direction with her life. I don’t think she’s given up the writing dream. I think she’s just chosen to postpone it. I respect that decision. I wish there were a way to tell her that I did the same and regretted it. But I don’t want to add negativity to the very positive things going on with her right now.

My oldest writing friend is not as active on the forum any more, but for her, at least, it’s because she’s busy actually being a successful writer! I was so excited to see a new book being published by her and I get the honor of reading it before it comes out. So excited to see that, and it’s this… this… that makes me not close the forum even though no one is really using it any more.

You see, she credits the forum for giving the push to do what she’s doing now.

You can’t beat that. My little forum helped launch a dream.

writerforumAnd so I won’t take it down, because somewhere, somehow, I believe it has a chance of doing that again. Facebook will eventually fade, like they all do, and my forum–which is almost 10 years old now–will still be there, still ready for any writer who needs help, has questions, wants encouragement. It might not be in its heyday still, but it’s not dead. Never dead.

It’s not dead…




So if you’re a writer… if your dream is still alive… won’t you come a visit and share it with us? I’d love to invite you warmly and help support your writing career and dream.

I’m still writing. The dream is still alive!

Come join me.

Love and stuff,


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