Daily Archives June 23, 2016

It’s Always the Little Things

In 2011, I rushed to the hospital barely able to breathe with chest pains. When I got there, the lady doing the intake was quite rude–it’s one of those little things I remember–and while my best friend was trying to tell her what was wrong, she bluntly said, “I need HER to tell me, MA’AM.” It was quite curt. My friend said, “If she could breathe, she might be able to talk….”

Finally, I put my hand up and said, “Chest pains,” between breaths.

Suddenly, the room spun and everyone jumped. I was already in a wheelchair and they began pushing me to the back quickly and yelling at  my friend to follow while yelling ahead, “We have chest pains in 108!”

I jokingly say that if you want to get treated in the hospital ER quickly, ju...

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