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Author Guest Blog Posts

If you’re an author and you have a guest blog you’d like to share with our readers, then email it to Michy. It would be great if the blog were about writing, about you or your books, or about the publishing industry, so we can keep the topic of this site on books and the industry as a whole, with the focus being on reaching our readership and connecting with them. If you want to write a blog post of at least 400 words, but as long as it needs to be for your topic of choice, and send along an author bio for a shirttail and the links you’d like to include live in your post, we’ll post your guest blog in the order it is received. If you have a special event or a launch party, or if you’re a book tour company and need the post up on a specific day, simply let us know that in your email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Guest blog posts are a great way to spread your name, your book cover, your brand and your image across the web, and it helps bloggers by giving them good content that is unique. If you’re an author, considering finding other book bloggers and offering guest blog posts to them as well. This benefits you with exposure for nothing but a little time, benefits the blogger with content that is quality and diverse, and benefits the readers with content that is unique and compelling, while giving them something good to read and perhaps a new author to add to their reading list. It’s win/win/win, and Michy loves it when everyone gets something out of the deal!

Send your guest blog post to or email with any questions.

Free Author Interviews

Michy offers free author interviews from a pre-written interview question set that you can download by clicking here. There are forty (40) questions, and you can pick and choose your favorites, follow the instructions and return the files to Michy as instructed in the document. Interviews are usually posted within 2-3 business days after receipt. If you have your own interview questions and answers and would rather Michy post them instead, send them along to her and she’ll post those for you.

Be sure to send any images you want posted with your interview at the time you send the interview, such as your author photo and the image for your book cover, as these will be included in the post along with live links to places where readers can buy your books and visit your website. Be sure to include the links you’d like for your book, your author bio/webpage, etc, so Michy can include those live links for you so her readers can find you and your books easily.

When you’ve completed the interview questions, simply email them back to Michy at and I’ll get the interviews posted in the order they are received.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and letting your readers learn more about you!

Free Book Cover Reveals

IF you are an author and have a new book coming out or have a book that has just released and would like to send a blurb and a cover reveal out to our readership, just email the cover image and the book blurb, along with the links to buy the book to Michy at and your cover reveal and blurb will be posted within a few days or receipt. We will only post five per day maximum, so it might take a few days for yours to show up during high volume times, or yours might show up the same day.

If you have a special launch time, send the cover in enough in advance we can accommodate you, and we’ll post it on any day you tell us to, to coincide with your book launch. Best of luck and success with your books!

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