Author Interview: Mark Morris

I live with six of my eight kids, two are in college, and my high school sweetheart and wife of 25 years. I belong to a 200# mastiff named Ruby and we also have three smaller dogs, three cats and a lizard.

I am a professional freelance writer, mostly ebooks and blogs for commercial clients. I’ve been doing that for about seven years. Before that I wrote and  directed for the stage for almost 20 years.

I love to read. I started young, when our TV blew up and my dad refused to replace it. I like anything that makes me laugh, or think in ways I haven’t before. I also love movies and the occasional cold beer, but my favorite thing is an interesting conversation.

Author Interview with Mark Morris


It’s rare today to find an author who does nothing but write for a living...

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PRESS RELEASE: Twelve Moments: Experiencing Spiritual and Faith Traditions

Chajes 2663Discover the Jewish Mystical Tradition of Kabbalah at Rothko Chapel

HOUSTON – Jan. 15, 2016 – Explore the mystery of Kabbalah at the Rothko Chapel.

The Rothko Chapel is continuing its series, “Twelve Moments: Experiencing Spiritual and Faith Traditions,” with a look at Jewish mystical traditions, scheduled for noon on Wednesday, Feb. 3. A donation of $10 is suggested.

The Kabbalah will be explored through a selection of contemplative readings and meditations from the classics of the tradition, including spiritual chants that are 200 years old.

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October 6, 2015

Contact: Guy Lamolinara, Library of Congress (202) 707-9217,
Contact: Stephen Siwinski, Texas Center for the Book (512) 463-5514,
Public contact: Center for the Book (202) 707-5221;

Texas Center for the Book Has New Home at State Library and Archives

The Library of Congress Center for the Book and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) announce the relocation of the Texas Center for the Book to a new home at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in Austin, Texas.

One of 52 centers affiliated with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, the Texas Center for the Book was established by the Dallas Public Library in 1987 to stimulate public interest in books, reading, libraries and liter...

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A Long Time Ago, In Another Lifetime

cup-of-soda-1328372“I just need to get an extension until the 15th, after that, we can pay the full amount,” I tell the woman behind the desk. He had told me to come down here to the gas company to get an extension on paying the bill. He said they would be less likely to say no if I went in person rather than going to the payphone on the corner to call, like I’ve done in the past when the bill wasn’t quite so far behind. Sure, easy for him to say, since I’m the one who had to walk the fifteen blocks in threadbare shoes in the middle of February with sleet outside to get a damned extension on the gas bill.

Can shoes be threadbare? I wonder while waiting for the woman to tap something into the keys of the large keyboard in front of the amber-colored screen of the computer monitor in front of her. When I came in here, all I wanted was an extension of a few days, but I figure asking for an extension until the fifteenth would be better. Give them something to negotiate with instead of just telling them what I really need. The woman refuses to extend me. She says I must pay at least a little bit of it right now. I feel in my pocket for the coins in there, knowing they’re not even close to enough to touch the monthly winter gas bill.

Then again, it’s unlikely Carlos* is going to have the money no matter what day I get the extension until, but it’s better to ask and do what he says than to face his wrath.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but the computer won’t...

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Release: Gold-in-Quartz, a Jewelry Hunter Thriller, by Ronald von Freymann

Jewelry thieves, a terrorist plot and a race around the globe.

These are just a few plotlines in Gold-in-Quartz, Ronald von Freymann’s latest novel since leaving the corporate world to write mystery thrillers.

“I don’t know how anyone can retire and do nothing creative,” von Freymann said. “Writing has been more than rewarding, especially when I tell my “busy” friends how I spend my time in retirement: two books published and the third less than a year out.”

In Gold-in-Quartz, a Jewelry Hunter Thriller, it has been a year since an Islamic cleric declares a fatwa against Bill and Jenn for averting a terrorist plot to blow up two fully loaded passenger ferries off the southern coast of California. Now, the Watsons must contend with another group of murderous thugs.

While on a jewel...

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What Happened to Them?

As I sat here this morning and watched the pouring rain outside of my window, I knew I couldn’t go anywhere today. The flooding in Texas has been crazy. I’m glad we’re in the ‘burbs here in the Galveston area, so our area hasn’t been so bad. But I still haven’t been out on the streets when it’s raining like this. Everyone else has stayed put too. So ya’ll don’t worry–we’re safe.

It’s sort of nice to watch the rain, actually. I just wish I didn’t know that people are suffering and some have died from it. So if you’re in the path of these storms, please stay safe. Try not to drive, especially at night, with these flash floods.

Now, on to the point of my post this morning. While I was watching the rain, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I went to the AWF (Accentuate Writers Forum) to see if anything new had been posted. It’s been so slow in there recently. Nobody is talking any more. I feel like Facebook is killing my forum and that makes me sad.

I still post paying writing leads, both for fiction and nonfiction, online and print...

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Author Interview: Katie St. Claire

Author PhotoAuthor Bio: Katie St. Claire

I live in the Northern U.S. with my husband and son. I’m an avid reader and researcher, particularly drawn to the inner lives of my characters. More than anything, I love developing complex personalities, and plots that twist and turn. Readers often say, “I didn’t see that one coming.” That’s my goal.

Some of my passions include gardening, photography, crafts, reading, and the Caribbean. Atypical by nature, I enjoys exploring topics that stray from the beaten path. Well known for my sense of humor, sensitivity, and deep philosophical sides, I’m an old soul who will forever remain a kid at heart.

The Van Buren series is urban fantasy with a science fiction flare, and appeals to young and old alike...

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Book Announcement: Not Too Cocksure, by Marc Freden

image005NOT TOO COCKSURE, by Marc Freden
Sunstone Press, Trade Paperback: $19.99 retail

An unflinching, candid, and scandalous look at Hollywood: A world of secrets, sex and celebrity, where dreams can come true for those who have the ambition and willingness to leave their moral compass locked in the closet.

Mica Daly is an aggressive, ambitious on-camera entertainment reporter. Chad Martin is a strikingly handsome cater-waiter and ambitious, driven aspiring actor...

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Book Announcement: A Touch of the Underworld, by Dr. David Trucker

A story unique in American History is that of an 85-year-old working physician in Wisconsin who admits to having been part of the Underworld, a system that began as the Cleveland Syndicate and subsequently became the prototype of the Mafia in America.
A Touch of The Underworld by Dr. David Trucker, the pen name of Dr. David Florence, is an historical document pointing out the ingeniousness and violence, which led to many economic and cultural developments in America by the underworld and the role of his family and himself in the process.
Incorporating both the history and humor in a unique fashion makes this read a cliffhanger, along with Dr. Florence’s interactions with many celebrities from Hollywood and around the nation.

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Release: Imaginary Things, by Andrea Lochen

Imaginary Things (pub date 4/15) by award-winning author Andrea Lochen.

From Andrea Lochen, award-winning author of The Repeat Year, comes an enchanting tale about family, love, and the courage it takes to face your demons and start over again.Burned-out and completely broke, twenty-two-year-old single mother Anna Jennings moves to her grandparents’ rural Wisconsin home for the summer―her four-year-old, David, in tow. Returning to Salsburg reminds Anna of simpler times―fireflies, picnics, Neapolitan ice cream―long before she met her unstable ex and everything changed. But the sudden appearance of shadowy dinosaurs awakens Anna from this small-town spell, and forces her to believe she has either lost her mind or can somehow see her son’s active imagination. Frightened, Anna struggles to learn the rules of this bizarre phenomenon, but what she uncovers along the way is completely unexpected: revelations about what her son’s imaginary friends truly represent and hidden secrets about her own childhood.

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