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Author Interview: Mark Morris

I live with six of my eight kids, two are in college, and my high school sweetheart and wife of 25 years. I belong to a 200# mastiff named Ruby and we also have three smaller dogs, three cats and a lizard.

I am a professional freelance writer, mostly ebooks and blogs for commercial clients. I’ve been doing that for about seven years. Before that I wrote and  directed for the stage for almost 20 years.

I love to read. I started young, when our TV blew up and my dad refused to replace it. I like anything that makes me laugh, or think in ways I haven’t before. I also love movies and the occasional cold beer, but my favorite thing is an interesting conversation.

Author Interview with Mark Morris


It’s rare today to find an author who does nothing but write for a living...

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Author Interview: Katie St. Claire

Author PhotoAuthor Bio: Katie St. Claire

I live in the Northern U.S. with my husband and son. I’m an avid reader and researcher, particularly drawn to the inner lives of my characters. More than anything, I love developing complex personalities, and plots that twist and turn. Readers often say, “I didn’t see that one coming.” That’s my goal.

Some of my passions include gardening, photography, crafts, reading, and the Caribbean. Atypical by nature, I enjoys exploring topics that stray from the beaten path. Well known for my sense of humor, sensitivity, and deep philosophical sides, I’m an old soul who will forever remain a kid at heart.

The Van Buren series is urban fantasy with a science fiction flare, and appeals to young and old alike...

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Sárka-Jonae Miller : Author Interview

Author Short Biography

Sarka Miller Author PhotoSárka-Jonae Miller is an award-winning novelist, publicist, and journalist, among other “ists.” Her novel writing career began with Between Boyfriends, an edgy chick-lit book for women who’ve been ‘between boyfriends,’ which is much cooler than being single.

Sárka-Jonae is a graduate of Syracuse University. Before writing full-time, she was a personal trainer and massage therapist, helping people tone up, slim down, and chill out. In her free time, SJ loves to dance in flash mobs, in music videos, on speakers, or at home in her underwear. She practices kung fu and yoga, was briefly a Buddhist nun, and travels extensively for “research.” She is also published under the name SJ Miller.

Author Interview with SJ Miller

It’s rare today to find an author who doe...

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Author Interview: Candy Rayne

10711093_691627540933442_6568954232856501722_nCandy Rayne was raised as a Navy brat moving to various places during her childhood. She has lived in Lemoore, Visalia, and San Diego in California before moving to Norfolk Virginia where she graduated high school and went on to get an Associate’s Degree in Social Science from Tidewater Community College. From there she moved to Pascagoula Mississippi, where she currently resides. She joined the electrical apprenticeship program through Northrop Grumman which is now Huntington Ingalls. She has been building naval ships for close to seven years now.

She is married to a very loving husband and has three gorgeous children. She got her big break as a published author from Glenda Wallace, owner of Pink Kiss Publishing. Candy Rayne’s first novel Tangled Web was published on December 25th 2011. Yes Christmas day! What a wonderful gift. She went on to have Concrete Rose published in June of 2013. With this being her dream she has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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Author Interview: Alicia D’Aversa

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Alicia D’Aversa:  No actually. I used to want to be the equivalent to Steve Irwin when I was younger, he was my idol. Then he died and I got scared out of my mind, and around the same time I was really into Harry Potter. So when I finished the first book of that series, I said to myself, this is what I want to do. I want to make people feel alive with words. To make them feel something with people that aren’t weird.

Tell us a little bit about your book/s.


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Author Interview: Scott Coren

Scott Coren, Author of Matthew 13:44

Tell us about your book Matthew 13:44:

Matthew 13:44 is a novel which is influenced by true events. It is about strength in the face of adversity and how good can sometimes come from the bleakest of circumstances, though you wouldn’t know it until the darkness has lifted. Like many of us making our way through life, Lucy Sinclair will stumble, fall, get up and walk, all because there is no other alternative but to carry on; in her case for the sake of her critically ill daughter. And all the while, like the last days of Christ, she will be betrayed, tried and publicly humiliated by those who would do her harm for no other reason than their own personal gain...

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Author Interview: Delin Colón (Resputin and the Jews)

Who am I? Well, about an hour ago, I was the middle-aged ditz in the market who tried to pay for groceries by swiping her AARP card instead of her debit card. Last week, I was the editor so engrossed in her work that when the phone rang, I answered it with “Put me on your Do Not Call List,” and hung up. It was my mother.

Like most people, I come from a dysfunctional family which is not necessarily a bad thing because otherwise I’d have to take responsibility for my screw-ups. I always like to look on the bright side.

But I guess the appropriate response to ‘who am I?’ would be a description of what I do. I’m a freelance researcher, writer and editor. For my own amusement, I also do collage art. I’ve attended six different universities, having lived on both U.S...

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Author Interview: Carlos Aranda (My Conversations with God)

To introduce myself, I am Carlos Aranda; I am a new Christian author. I just released my first book out on October 1st. I was saved at the age of seven in the Royal Rangers program at my local Assemblies of God church. I walked with the Lord through my teen years serving on mission’s trips abroad to build churches, along with local outreach ministries in the surrounding communities. Almost twenty years later I experienced what can only be called a burning bush experience, where God gave me the wisdom and instructions to write my book. This book has truly been a labor of love and has been such a blessing.
Tell us a little bit about your book/s. What are their titles; which is your favorite if you have more than one, and briefly let us know what they are about...

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Author Interview: Deserea Morse–Blackberry’s Tales

Deserea Morse (Blackberry Del’Le Horrer) Interview:

My name is Deserea, I am the author of Blackberry’s Tales, which is a book dedicated to all the dark things in life.

I have been writing since I was 16 years old. I think because I have such a deep fascination with the Occult, this tends to inspire my creativity throughout Blackberry’s Tales. Many, if not all, of my characters are formed through the blackness of my mind. I enjoy darkness…and this really shines through my characters such as Viper, Sception, and Frost.

What compelled you to write your first book?

Wow! I think it all came down to this one word: Inspiration...

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Author Interview: Danny Wynn–Man From the Sky

What inspired you to write this story in the form of a novella? 

I’m a firm believer that each story has a natural length, and a story will be less than its best if the writer departs from, or doesn’t find, the natural length, either because he or she is trying to achieve a length required by industry customs and practices or by other imposed requirements.  I personally find many novels too long for their meaningful content, and I can’t help but feel that in some cases that is the result of writers conforming to what they are told is the necessary length for a novel.  And there are other writers who use over-writing as part of their process, rely on editing to getting them to the proper length, and then for internal or external reasons fail in the editing process.

All of this is ...

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