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Inexperienced Football Fan

football-5-655092-mJust a short bit of humor to brighten your day that is a blast from my past with my son.

When my son was 11…he’ wasn’t much up on football. The person I was living with at the time was watching the game…my son was trying to “get into the game” and share it with him, but my son just flat didn’t understand the concept.

I’m sitting at my desk working, and here is what I am hearing in the background:

Son: So who are the Sooner’s?

Answer: Oklahoma.

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How to Feed a Teenaged Boy

Today, Michy would like to instruct you on how to help your teen child prepare a snack for himself. We’ll take you step by step through the process, and if you skip any steps, it’s okay to come back to them and use them, or even use some of the steps more than once.

Step 1

Listen to the boy whine for at least 40 minutes about how hungry he is, while you tell him repeatedly that there is food in the kitchen if he’s hungry.

Step 2

Remind teenaged boy that you bought Easy Mac for him in the cabinet for moments just like this, when he was hungry but it wasn’t dinnertime.

Step 3

Listen to teenag...

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On Alone, Loneliness, and Friendship

Sometimes, late at night, I lie in bed and stare at the ceiling fan above me, with no other sounds in the house except the normal sounds that houses make.

I can lie very still and very quiet—until all I can hear, all I can focus on, is the sound of my own breath and the feel of the pulsing of my heart in my chest radiating out into my body, and throbbing, pulsing in my toes and fingertips. If I let myself float for but a moment, to wander around the sounds of silence in my room, I can realize there is much more going on in the world than of which I am consciously aware.

I can hear the sound of the fridge in the kitchen humming and the faint click when the compressor shuts off. I can hear the collar on the cat jingling. I can hear the click, click, click of the dog’s paws on the floor of the kitchen. Sometimes I can hear the rattle of my son’s bunk beds when he rolls over or moves and sometimes the whoosh sound of the water heater as the flame comes on to keep the water warm.

As I drift farther from my inner sanctuary that is my home, off in the distance there is a sound of a dog barking. It’s faint, and I probably wouldn’t even notice it if I wasn’t lying so still and listening to all that is around me.

Occasionally, the sound...

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I am Afraid of Pain

There was an episode of HOUSE a while back in which he makes some comment about how pain makes you make bad choices and that fear of pain was worse than that. I nodded my head knowingly at the time, but I’m really beginning to understand this more than I would like. Pain doesn’t really seem to stop me. It’s the fear of pain that holds me back. When I’m sitting in my recliner, tapping away on the laptop, and I’m not really hurting, going along okay, and then I think about getting up or doing something, I know that doing it is going to hurt. Why? Because it always does hurt, always. Always.

I mean, I cannot stand up with out pain. Sometimes it’s mild pain but sometimes it’s excruciating. I never know for sure until I standup which it will be. Sometimes, moving around is okay and sometimes it’s horrendous. Again, never know until I do it. So there are days I sit in my chair and spend more time debating with myself than I do actually doing anything. I’ll need to pee, but I know getting up is going to hurt, so I sit in my chair for as long as I can, until my eyeballs are floating, hoping the urge will go away, but since take Lasix (a diuretic – you know, a water pill), I know it won’t go away, and in fact, I know it will just get worse, and the longer I wait, the worse it will get, so (taking a deep breath)… yeah.

It’s the same for food, water, drinks and other things I need, includin...

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I’m Not THAT Michelle Devon

For the longest time, my pen name, Michelle Devon, which is my real first name and my son’s middle name as my last name, which is now a legal name for me, was distinct enough, I never ran into anyone else with this name. I got the name Devon from an episode of Dragnet. My son’s name originally was going to be Aleck Brent. Back on July 29th, 1994, I started to have contractions that morning. It was a Friday and I had a doctor’s appointment. He asked me how I was doing and I said, “I’d be fine if these contractions would just stop.”

The doctor laughed and said, “No, what we want to do is string them closer together…”

I said, “That might be what YOU want me to do, but I never said it was what *I* wanted to do.”

He laughed; I didn’t. Ha ha...

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Think About What You Think

What do you think when you see someone using one of the electric carts in a grocery store?

There’s a reason I’m asking.

I want you to be completely honest with yourself, and I’m not asking anyone to reveal anything to me or this blog or anything, but if you want to put your responses here, that’s okay with me too. I figure I’ll either get a lot of comments on this one or I won’t get any on it… sometimes people LIKE being honest, too honest, and other times, they prefer no one know the demons that lurk inside the mind, the words we don’t say, but each and every one of us thinks.

I have done it too… not only about this instance, but also about other things. We judge. We don’t mean to. Many of us don’t want to. But we do. We have to...

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I Fell Asleep on the Toilet

… but at least I didn’t fall in. Or fall over.

That shows you just how tired I am. Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I woke up, had to pee, went to the bathroom… and I don’t know how long I sat there, but I woke up with a start with my head leaning against the wall, sliding slowly downward… jerk, awake, wha– – ohhh, yes, I’m peeing. Wait, no, I’m done peeing. Oh, okay. I’m on the toilet. Nice.

That’s when you know you’re really tired, when you can’t even make it through peeing without falling asleep. I nodded off and nearly fell asleep watching a movie tonight and I fell asleep in the car, or at least dozed, while trying to get my daughter’s car that had broken down and been abandoned there for a week.


I started taking some T3 Cytomel at the same time I started...

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Publishers Vs. Doctors

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning in a little while. I don’t want to go. I have to get stuck with needles again, and I don’t want to go. Did I mention that I don’t want to go? Some days, it’s just so hard to make myself go get the bloodwork I need. I’m tired of being stuck. I’m a hard stick on top of it, but it’s more a psychological thing, honestly, because it never hurts nearly as much as I think it’s going to. It’s never as bad as I worry it will be. I just get so worked up over it. I put it off for days, then weeks, then the doctors get mad at me for taking so long.

Sometimes, it’s anxiety, because I get scared. I’m scared of what the test results might say or how the doctor might change my medication because of the test results and what the changes will mean for how I feel...

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