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It’s All in the Accent

So this morning, I woke early and waddled my achy self into the bathroom, where my groggy brain and fuzzy eyes saw a bottle on the counter that I not so clearly thought it read: Prego.

Now, in my mind, I likened this to being pregnant, a little nicky: preggers, prego, preggo, whatever. I chuckled and then went potty and while sitting on the toilet (’cause, guys, that’s how we ladies do it–yes, I’m jealous that you men can urinate and not touch anything nasty with your hands except your own penis, and, well, that shouldn’t be nasty–but, hey, I don’t know you, or your penis… so…)

Where was I? Oh, yes, I’m sitting on the toilet, and I’m wonder: Is the bottle pregnant? Are the contents pregnant? Does using the product make one pregnant?

Yes, these are the weird things I do when left to my own devices.

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Feeling Unwanted and All Alonely

I have a funny little way of making up my own words and using them all the time as though they are real words. They are Michyisms, and my family and friends have learned to accept them. One of the ones I use sometimes is the phrase ‘all alonely’. It’s a play on ‘all alone’ and ‘lonely’–all alonely. Its definition is rather sad, meaning that I feel all alone and lonely, even when I’m not alone.

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit neglected, I guess–perhaps a little bit ‘unwanted’. It’s probably just me, but at the same time, it’s probably not just me. I know, sounds like doublespeak, no?

Well, it all really started when I said something that my best friend usually would have understood, but she didn’t understand it. That sort of made me feel misunderstood, and I hate that more than anyone seems to realize. I absolutely hate feeling misunderstood–or no being understood. Strangely, she of all people should know that about me more than anyone else.

She missed it.

It hurt.

I thought I’d let it go.

I hadn’t.

Then, it moved on to a friend of one of my friends told m...

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If I Just Lay Here

I came into the bedroom about twenty minutes ago. I lay on the bed, staring at the wall.

If I just lay here, I thought, I wonder how long it will take for anyone to notice.

So here I lie, waiting, wondering, but mostly, just silently lying here. Staring at the wall. Sometimes, there’s nothing else you can do. Just wait. And stare.

It’s better than thinking, spinning, rolling thoughts.

I hear the buzz of their conversation in the other room. I hear it. I’m not part of it. I don’t really want to be part of it. Chatter, for the sake of chatter. I have nothing of value of which to input, no wisdom to impart. I am set apart from the buzz, from the noise, it belonging to me, but me not belonging to it. Blather, really, of nothing important, no consequence, just idle chit-chat because sometimes hearing the sound of your own voice is better than being uncomfortably silent.

I prefer comfortable si...

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WARNING: This Blog Contains Language!

WARNING: In order to bring you this blog, this post will use language.

While language of some sort is essential for communication, Language is known by the State of California to cause cancer. If you live in California and you continue to read this blog, you agree to hold Michy and her affiliates harmless for any milk that snorts through your nose. Plus, you should also know that just about everything is known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Hello, my bloggy friends!

Well, by the time I get this post sent, it will probably be afternoon for most of you. Which brings me to emails… (It doesn’t, but I couldn’t find a good segue into that one.)

I never just rand...

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F is for Fated Family

Today on the A-Z blog challenge, on this, my ‘unofficially’ entered into the challenge blog, I decided to write about my story FATED FAMILY. This is a short story. It’s about 70 reading page long, but it tells a full, complete and what I hope is a satisfying story. The story is, though dramatized and fiction, based on my real life. A lot of people don’t realize that when they read it. I call it semi-autobiographical. But truth is, it’s not a true story. It is, however, inspired by and based on real events in my life.

I’ve been asked by several people who have read the story to turn it into a novel, to tell Joanna’s story… I’m thinking about it. It really felt like I was in my voice when I wrote this, and people who have read it have said it felt real and true to me too...

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E is for Empath

a-to-z-letters-eEmpath was a story I originally wrote and had published in an anthology back in 2006. Besides things when I was in junior high school and one thing in college, this was one of my first professionally published pieces of fiction. I edited it some since then, but have mostly–in the name of nostalgia–kept it the way it was when it was originally published. I feel I’ve become a better writer since then. After all, that’s been about seven years. I’ve been writing professionally for about fifteen years, but I’ve only professionally been selling fiction now for the past seven years. I’ve drastically improved since then, but I don’t think I was all that terrible back then. I do, however, have copies of books I’d started back in 1993 and 1994, and I laugh at how much of a newbie I was.

I once used ellipses in order to denote a pause, and the longer the pause, the more dots I put. For a very long and dramatic pause, I would often put……………..


And I was the queen of the interrobang (!?), which is a big no-no in editing terms...

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D is for Dream Walking

a-to-z-letters-dBetween my getting the erysipelas on my face again, then Buffy going to New Jersey, then Buffy having to come back from New Jersey early because she had what looked like cellulitis on her leg, then her almost getting put in the hospital, then the computer not working, then email not sending but receiving just fine, then Comcast being jerks… well, I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s been a crazy couple of months, and I’m ready for everything to settle down again. I’m still not feeling great and I’m running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, but hey, what else is new?

Maybe now I can settle down and get some editing and writing done, and get the next installment in the THREE series published (I know I said I’d do it last month and I’m very, very sorry, but it’s coming soon, I promise!) I even have the cover for the fourth installment ready for a cover reveal. But for now, I have to get some real work done first. I have a ton of emails to respond to now that I can send and receive emails again, and then I have some work cleanup to do on the forum and such. I always feel better when I’m being productive, but the last few months have just felt like I was spinning my wheels getting little done but putting in so much effort.

So because of all this, I’m not going to continue to strain...

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C is for Celeste

CELESTE a-to-z-letters-cis the title of my first novella that was published on Amazon and is now available from other fine online book retailers toward the end of the year last year. I got the idea for the novel from a movie I had watched, in which a man believes something to be true, only to learn that he’s the only one who believes it that way. Then there was a documentary of a woman who was locked up in a mental hospital and had to be constantly restrained because she saw spiders crawling all over her. To get rid of the spiders, she would harm herself, try to scratch and burn and hit the spiders. She was the only one who saw the spiders.

I got to thinking: What if instead of spiders, what she saw was something good, something that made her happy instead of something that caused bad things to happen. If she’s happy, does it matter if it’s real or not? Would we lock someone up for seeing something no one else sees if he’s not a danger to anyone else?

And what if he’s already had a mental break, so he’s weak and there’s money and family involved, and…

Well, I don’t want to give anything away, and a...

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B is for Brevity



This Blog post intentionally left Brief in honor of the theme Brevity.

Love and stuff,



PS: On my other blog, you can read B is for Bird.

B is also for Brad, who is one of the lead characters in my romance series THREE. Check out the first installment of the series, Three: A Family Affair, for absolutely free on Amazon Kindle (you can read it on your computer if you don’t have a Kindle!).

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A is for Apology

A few years back, I wrote an article about How to Apologize. It seems simple, doesn’t it? I mean, how can you get saying, “I’m sorry” wrong? Well, you can. And most people do. The basic part that most people get wrong isn’t in the sincerity a-to-z-letters-aor the actual giving of the apology. Do you apologize properly?

First, in order to properly apologize, one need to feel there is something worth apologizing for. There must be some sort of admission of a wrongdoing for their to be a proper apology. Haven’t you ever had someone apologize to you, but you knew they hadn’t a clue why you were upset in the first place and they were only apologizing because they felt like they were supposed to? There has to be some contrition somewhere, some feeling of having done something to wrong another that is worthy of an apology.

Second, the sincere apology must be spoken, written or somehow given to the object of the wrongdoing.

Third, and this is where most people real...

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