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New Family Member: Goffin’s Cockatoo, Memphis!

10922519_1538951323055584_2706017299611945980_n This is my new baby, Memphis. Memphis is a Goffin’s Cockatoo, the smallest of the cockatoos, but packed with all the personality and charm and love of the cockatoo breed.

I’d been looking to get another bird for some time now, really, over a year. But I didn’t want just ‘any’ bird. So I started by researching breeds. I was almost 100% certain I wanted a caique. I love their cheeky personalities, and though they are a little bigger than Conner, they aren’t so much bigger I was worried Conner would be afraid of them. So next I set out for the second criteria for my next bird: I wanted to rescue one, not buy one.

It’s a bit of a pickle of mine, but as long lived as birds are, it’s likely they will go through multiple homes throughout their lives, and as highly intelligent as they are, but not being able to communicate with us like we can with each other, the changing of homes for birds is traumatic. I personally would be happy if they outlawed buying birds and made them only available through rescue. There would be enough black market breeders and birds in need of homes–when birds can live upwards of 70 to 90 years depending on breed–that there will ALWAYS be birds in need of rescue/adoption, and there is no need to sell or breed birds again.

That said, it’s interesting to note that the only reason th...

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Update on Brew – If You’re In the Houston Area

A while back, I posted a blog post about a dog my daughter and her friend found outside and took to the pound. You can read that here, if you’re interested. The reason for this blog post is to update you all on Brew and to put out a special request.

First, let me tell you a little about Brew.

The animal shelter was able to get contact with the original owners, Brew’s family, and sadly, they decided they did not want him. They were even told he was going to be killed if they didn’t come and get him, and they chose not to come and get him. I do not understand this mentality at all. Remember, Pets are Not Disposable!

So we rescued Brew. We picked him up from the pound the day he was available to be released. He has been neutered. He’s had all his shots. He is two years old, weighs about 40-45 pounds, and is a light grey with brownish swirls. He is a lab/chow mix. He has purple markings on his tongue, kind of marbleized, and he has chow-chow eyes. He has a lab face, mostly a lab’s body, but his hair has some places that are thicker, more like the chow-chow. He is not, however, a chow-chow. He is more lab in appearance.

He is super duper sweet. I mean, he doesn’t really bark, he doesn’t howl outside. He’s completely potty trained, hasn’t marked or missed a single time. He comes in and out of the house. He asks permission to get on furniture. He is super gentle when taking treats from your hand. He likes to lay his head in your lap. He loves to be petted, but he’s not pushy about it. He’s calm when people knock on the door or ring the bell, and he’s awesome with strangers. He is gentle and careful with the cat and he seems fascinated by the little dog Scruffy (who only weighs five pounds.)

He’s about as sweet as a dog can be.

Until my Jake walks in the room….

Then he gets vicious...

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Animals Are NOT Disposable

Yesterday, my daughter found a dog outside, a lab mix, with pretty eyes, light chocolate color. He was sweet as could be, but had no collar, no tags. She went around the neighborhood and when nobody claimed him, thinking she was doing the right thing, she took him to the local animal shelter run by the city. When I finally made it home from the Social Security appointment, I told her all the reasons why that was the wrong thing to do, and I was nearly in tears over it, but we decided we’d call the pound first thing in the morning and see what was up.

Well, turns out, the dog was chipped. They traced the chip back to a vet in Louisiana, and everyone knew who the dog was, but the vet himself refused to give out the owner’s name or information...

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It’s Not that I’m Ungrateful; It’s Just…


So here I go again, talking about whiny complainy things. I want you all to know, I’m really not that big of a whiny complainy person in real life. I suppose, in part, the reason I whine and complain so much in my writing is because that allows me to NOT whine and complain in real life. For the most part, I’m tough. I’m strong, really… actually, I guess I really am. I mean, you guys tell me that all the time, but yeah, I guess maybe I am. I try to be, anyway. I don’t always feel that way though.


I spent much of this morning with my head buried in my dog’s neck, while he sniffed and licked my ears. I love my dog. I love dogs in general. I think puppies are the best, and my Jake is a good 85-pound, three year old puppy boy. He’s a great dog. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some really good dogs too. I love him. When I’m down, he knows. He learned early on to be ‘gentle’ with mama, so when he comes up to me, he doesn’t jump up on me like he does everyone else, but rather, jumps ‘next’ to me. When in bed, he doesn’t come running and p9ounce on top of me like he does everyone else. He gently comes and sits next to me, then slides onto my chest and eats my face, nose and all. He licks tears when I’m sad. I am very grateful for my dog.

Yesterday morning, I spent most of the morning in tears. A couple of days before that,  I was angry. Today, I’m a little numb, sort of depressed, just not myself.


I can’t help but think about how fast my life has changed with the health problems I’ve been having...

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Happy Halloween!

We have a fair amount of trick or treaters at the door tonight, so it’s been fun to see and hear the little kids who are so happy about this holiday. Our doggie, Jake, is currently taking his AKC good citizenship training, so this has been a lot of fun training him not to bark when the doorbell rings, to sit and stay and not move until the kids and grownups begging for candy leave. He’s doing really good. It’s better than any training we could do at the store, where distractions are supposed to be ignored. This is awesome, to watch him actually using the training we’ve been paying for and doing it right. He’s very proud of himself.

Of course, now he’s going to think that he gets a treat every time the doorbell rings!

We made popcorn balls tonight and Rice Krispie Treats...

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